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2011 Stuffed Sandwich

Going on about 25 years now, the Falcons have journeyed to San Gabriel for a Christmas tasting extraordinaire. This year Marlene decided to put together her first ever vintage tasting. She always does a great job She told a story about how the first years the Falcons chose the beers themselves, but after a few years of the usual suspects (Snowcap, Anchor, Celebration, etc), she took it over to go plumbing the depths of oddities.

Bruce as always took notes, which will be up before long, but here's the list at least:

1) The Bruery 4 Calling Birds (2011)
2) Karl Strauss Two Tortugas Quadruple Holiday Ale(2011)
3) Grand Teton Coming Home Holiday Quadruple Ale (2010)
4) Jolly Pumpkin Noel de Calabaza (2010)
5) Ommegang Adoration (2010)
6) Nogne O / Jolly Pumpkin /Stone Special Holiday Ale (brewed in Norway) (2009)
7) Fantome de Norl (2009)
8) Lost Abbey 10 Commandments (2009) (The group's second favorite beer of the tasting)
9) Lost Abbey Gift of the Magi (2008)
10) Alesmith Yulesmith (2007)
11) Anchor Our Special Ale (2004)
12) Fuller's Vintage Ale (1998) (The group's favorite beer by far.. amazing character)
13) Samichlaus Brown (1992) (3rd place overall)

Have I mentioned how much I love this tradition?

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