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Join the Maltose Falcons Homebrew Club for an in-person brewery tour in Ventura, CA! We will be stopping at (4) breweries on Saturday, July 22nd & having lunch at the 1st stop.

Instead of taking a bus, we have planned our tour around Amtrak's Pacific Surfliner train schedule. You also have the option to drive yourself up the coast. The tour will be group led on foot. But don't worry, all breweries are within a short walk from each other so should be fairly easy to get from one to the next.

Brewery tour schedule

- 11:30 AM: Transmission Brewing (Lunch)

- 1:15 PM: Bellringer Brewery

- 2:45 PM: Leashless Brewing

- 4:15 PM: MadeWest (on the Pier) 

- Possible unofficial stop: Ventura Coast afterwards (Not included in ticket)

Train schedule

Northbound - 
#765 - 9:13AM (Union Station) -> 11:06 (Ventura)
You can board the Pacific Surfliner at the following locations:
  • Union Station
  • Glendale 400 W Cerritos Ave
  • Burbank 3750 Empire Ave
  • Van Nuys 7725 Van Nuys Blvd
  • Chatsworth 10040 Old Depot Plaza Road
  • Simi Valley 5050 Los Angeles Ave
  • Moorpark 300 High St
  • Camarillo 30 Lewis Rd
  • Oxnard 201 East Fourth Street
  • Ventura 39 East Harbor Blvd

2 options for departure South

#790 - 5:28PM (Ventura) -> 7:40PM (Union Station)
#794 - 7:43PM (Ventura) -> 9:46PM (Union Station)

Save 15% on Pacific Surfliner trips to Ventura between July 21 and 23. Enter promo code V509 when booking on or the amtrak app, or refer to it when booking at the station or by phone.

Link to buy your train tickets:

Price of tour pass & what’s included

  • $44 (includes 1 pint of your choice at each of the 4 breweries + 2 Topping Personal Pizza and Salad bar @ Transmission/Toppers Pizza). 
  • $34 No Lunch option includes the beer, but no lunch. 

*Please note that the cost of the train (transportation) is NOT included in the price of the brewery tour pass. You must schedule & pay for your own train ticket if you decide to take the train up to Ventura.*

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