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Troubleshooters Corner

2014 June Troubleshooter's Corner Notes

A return of notes!

These notes are a little scattered today as we didn't have a lot of time for Troubleshooter's and I forgot my notebook - so these are from memory. Brewers if I missed you - let me know and I'll be able to fill in my memory. The theme of today's tasting seemed to be "I'm not sure about what I made" which is different than "My beer sucks - help!"

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December 2013 Troubleshooter's Corner Notes

After a long and healthy Holiday ale tasting - we moved onto a quick swing around the block and performed lunch time examinations on the beer. Once again, nothing horrible.. just a few things dodgy and quickly corrected - (As always - brewers are anonymous unless they wish to share their name with everyone)


Possibly Too Thin Porter

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November 2013 Troubleshooter's Corner Notes

Back in November! Time to Try some more beers!

Troubleshooter's Corner
This month's troubleshooter's corner included seven beers for the tasting by Drew and Bruce Brode. This is the first time when many of the brewers were asking "what's wrong with this beer" and our only answer was "nothing really".

Beer 1: Saison

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September 2013 Troubleshooter's Corner Notes

Brief anonymous notes on what was presented at the Troubleshooter's Corner, A jumped up cider - lager not quite right, a too sweet saison and more

For the past year, the Falcons have resurrected an old tradition in the club that predates my involvement. It used to be that prior to the meeting, any brewer who had a beer they had questions about could ask a panel of experienced brewers and judges to taste and give them feedback. All of this away from the harsh spotlight of the full membership meeting. These days with attendance at the meetings pushing 80 or more, the intimidation is worse.

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