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Cacao Nib Extract - The Drew Way

Cacao Nibs add a wonderful rich earthy roasted chocolate character to a beer, but getting the dose and timing right is a bit of a trick! Here's Drew's method of making a simple tincture with nibs and vodka. It's fast, cheap and fool proof!

I'm a big fan of tinctures for doctoring just about any beer and making new fantastic flavors. Chocolate is a favorite of brewers, but the problem is always how to get it in the beer without all the fat and other bits. Some folks like adding cocoa powder to the boil kettle, others like adding German Baker's Chocolate to various parts of the process. Others still like using chocolate flavored coffee syrups. I've tried them all and can't say I find them to right for me or easy to use consistently. (ok, except the syrups).

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Coffee for Your Beer (or Soul)

What's the best way to get your coffee in your beer?

Most of the beer drinkers I know are coffee drinkers as well. Hell, most Americans crave that morning bump of caffeine. So it's natural that brewers attempt to combine the two fixes in one. So if you're wanting to add coffee to your next beer (say a nice roasty stout) - here's a few ways to do it:

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Home Beer Wine Cheesemaking Shop Ingredients

This sheet is designed to help folks trying to design recipes with the ingredients available at John Daume's Home Beer Wine Cheesemaking Shop. This will keep you from having to fret when you get to the shop and realise John doesn't stock American Crystal 20L! 

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