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Building a DIY Randall 3.0

Detailed DIY write-up on how to build a two chamber Randall 3.0.



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A recirculating water chiller that saves water and won’t terrorize the villagers!

I’ve always been a fan of efficiency in most of my endeavors, but keeping waste to a minimum has always been near and dear to my heart.  I was inspired by Drew Beechum’s article “Being Water Wise” [1] and started looking at the processes in my brew shack system that demanded the most water usage.  The search was brief and the culprit obvious…the tap water running through my immersion chiller!

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Resistive Gate - Draft Beer Flow Control

I hate foam. Luckily, I found a d-i-y project for those of you who keg your homebrew. If you are like me, you have noticed that beers with higher carbonation levels tend to be foamy from your taps. Even worse are those short cobra lines that you take to parties or use in your home kegging setup…too much foam, not enuf beer.

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