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Style Guide Calculator

 This calculator was built by Steve to help folks find where their beer lives in the world of the BJCP guidelines. Enter in the details of your recipe and see how close you match the Style Guidelines

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Malt Bill by Percentage to Pound Calculator

 A fairly handy way to express a beer's malt bill is by percentage weight of each malt (ie 27% 2 Row) as this makes it fairly easy to move recipes between brewing systems. This calculator helps translates a malt bill given by percentage into a weighted malt bill for a batch of variable size and system efficency.

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IBU Calculator / Hop Scheduler Analysis

A calculator to go along with the balancing hops article written for thinking carefully about how you place hops in your boil. 

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Dilution Calculator


Ever need to calculate how much adding a volume of 1.010 beer will change the gravity of a beer stuck at 1.030? This is the tool for you. 
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