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Brewer's Style Series

American Lager: Brewing Dougweiser

Dougwieser is as close as a homebrewer can get to the original Budweiser in my opinion. [Ed Note: when I asked Rick why a homebrewer would want to duplicate Bud, he responded, "Well for one it's a very hard style to duplicate. It's kind of like a challenge to me. All the flavors in this style are so subtle, you need a lot of discipline when you brew this beer. Big beers are so easy, all you do is throw in a ton of malt, a pound of hops, and a gallon of yeast slurry, "badda bing badda boom" you got a great beer. All the flavors are so pronounced any flaws in the beer are hard to pick up.

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Milds: Pale and Dark

We all go through a phase where the endless joys and pain of high gravity brewing, but after a while all that big beer just starts to weigh a man down. Sometimes you just want to reach for a bottle or keg of something easy to drink. For most of the world, that means reaching for a "pilsner". That's just not my cup of joe. (Sorry John A.)

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