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New Announcement List

In an effort to better communicate with everyone in the Falcons - we've put together a new Announcement only list for the membership. When you become a paid member of the club - you'll be added to our email list that will be used to announce events and other club wide news.

We promise not to spam you, but we realized that we don't have a solid way to connect to everyone - so here we are.

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How to Use The Board Notes

Here's our type for board notes...

The idea behind this type is a place for board members to jot down notes, names, numbers, recollections of things that they've done or thought of in the course of doing their job.

Don't forget to tag your posts with a Board Role if applicable. It makes links available to view all the Activities Director content, for instance.

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Win a Free Copy of BeerSmith 2.0 by posting recipes

From now until the December club meeting, I'll be tracking recipe entries on the website. For the current Falcon member who posts the most interesting recipes, the reward will be one copy of BeerSmith 2.0, a $28 value!

You can add a beer recipe via this link:

Go to it!

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AHA Conference Beer List!

AHA will have both a Hospitality Suite and Club Night (4 hours a piece roughly) for us to pour our beer. We want to have a lavish selection of beers. Good news is that you probably won't blow a full keg during this event, so there'll plenty of leftovers.

Dropoff for kegs is at the Shop in Woodland Hills by Close of business on Sunday June 12th! Please follow the instructions listed here for labelling your kegs - Cellar Instructions.

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Falcons Board of Directors

Maltose Falcons' Board 2020 - 2021

President, Bernard Lebel (2020) / Ilan Grossberg president@maltosefalcons.com

Vice President, Ed Kochanowski, Eric Bonney vicepresident@maltosefalcons.com

Secretary, Gavin Martin secretary@maltosefalcons.com

Board Roles: 

So what's going on here? The New MaltoseFalcons.com

 Welcome to Day 1 of the new MaltoseFalcons.com. Personally I blame everything about this site on Jonny Lieberman. About 2 years ago, he hit me up with the idea of creating a new site that would allow the Falcons to come in and modify the bejezzus out of their world. Post stories, pictures and recipes, talk with their fellow club members, etc.

Oh boy!

I can feel the anticipation growing. Hopefully by week's end, everyone will be able to see this site! Lots of work left to do though!

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