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2015 Southern California Homebrewers Festival

Exciting news! The 2015 Southern California Homebrewers Festival is coming back to Vail Lake! The 2015 festival will be held the weekend of May 2. You can get more information on Vail Lake by going to http://www.vaillakeresort.com/.  

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40th Anniversary Beer Signups!

With the 40th Anniversary Party Coming Up - We need to know - what are you going to bring to the party? We expected to see a very full and kickass selection of homebrew!  PLEASE bring your kegs early!  See note on Party event page above.

Leave us a comment below like this:

Joe Falcon says:

I'm bringing kegs of

  • Mild (for the handpumps)
  • Killer IPA
  • Pilsner

and some bottles of my Cherry Bomb Mead


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Mayfaire Party!

Join us for our annual Mayfaire fest on May 17th 2014 that will be held again at the popular KOA in Acton. The camp is located on the bank of the Santa Clara River about 25 miles away from the north SF Valley. It has cottonwood trees, flat grassy tent area, a lodge with sink & cooking facilities, swimming pool, volley ball court, shuffle board, horse shoes, and playground equipment for kids, etc. There is also a large wooden deck area that accommodates our own Maltose Falcons Brews Band and dancing Falcons and their partners just fine.
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Firestone Walker Anniversary Brew Event

For those of you that haven't heard, we have been invited to brew at Firestone Walker Brewery by their head brewer Matt Brynildson. We will be brewing 67 barrels of a very big beer that will be added to their anniversary blending beers for next years anniversary blend and for as many years as it lasts, as well as having some on tap at the Falcons 40th anniversary party. The Falcons Board decided to brew a high alcohol American Brown Ale that I dubbed a "Browneywine" 

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Beer Tasting at the Home of the Stuffed Sandwhich

December 14th the Maltose Falcons will be returning to the Home of the Stuffed Sandwich (http://www.stuffedsandwich.com/) in San Gabriel. For those unfamiliar with our previous events this is your chance to try dozens of hard to find seasonal and vintage beers--members who have attended dead palate society should know what to expect. There's only enough room in the shop for 30 falcons, so buy your ticket ($40) before they are gone! The event starts at noon.

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Oktoberfest 2013

Join us for our annual Oktoberfest on 5 October 2013 that will be held again at the popular KOA  in Acton with the actual festivities beginning around noon. Of course we will have lots of beer, several bars to pour them from, and the Maltose Falcons Brews Band be playing, too! Last but not least, we will have our traditional Stein Holding and Keg Toss games, and maybe something new and different to go with them.

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San Diego Bus Trip 2013

Welcome to the 2013 San Diego area brewery tour!

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SoCal Homebrewer's Festival - Beer List

SCHF is right around the corner - what are you bringing to the party? Help us plan and tell what you've got to pour. It will help our bar guys coordinate and we can plan ahead.

Seriously, take 30 seconds and tell us! If you want to leave some beer at the shop for us to bring and serve for you, let us know that below as well!

For instance if you've got a few things to bring, just leave a comment saying:

Cherry Stout
Golden Road Mystery Hops Beer"


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