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Belgian Strong Dark Ale

Shop Brew Belgian Strong Dark Ale - Westy-ish

From the January '18 shop brew session, this recipe was created based on several ingredients I found available for cheap/free. The shop had accidentally ordered a bag of Munich light malt of a brand that they don't normally stock, so they marked it way down to get it out of inventory. I mentioned to several other members that I wanted to use that malt for the shop brew to see if they had recipe suggestions. John Aitcheson said he had saved yeast slurry from an earlier batch that had been cultured from a bottle of Westvleteren 8 and offered it for the shop brew. Given that yeast (free!) and that malt (cheap!) a strong dark Belgian style brew made the most sense. At this writing, the ferment is now tapering off. The wort by itself tasted fantastic.
Brew Date: 
Brewed By: 
Cullen Davis, Jenna Bonney, Duane Schmeckert, Bradley T., Kevin Alvarado
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