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April 2014 Brews and News

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Well, another newsletter put to bed.  This issue includes a write-up of the very first all-female shop brew.  Lots of celebrities showed up to share in the shenanigans.  Also, Ethen Adams did an excellent write-up on the Falcon trip to Firestone-Walker to brew up one of our anniversary beers.  Drew waxes poetically on the wonders of mead, and the Phantom Brewer puts in an unexpected appearance.  Prost!


Correction:  I originally stated that Allen Tracy wrote the Firestone Walker story.  It was actually Ethen Adams.  My sincere apologies to Ethen.  Writing is hard work, and the Ethen deserves the credit for writing an excellent piece.

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Allen Tracy's picture

It was actually Ethen Adams that did the excellent write-up on the Falcon trip to Firestone-Walker, he deserves all the credit on that.

David Uhl's picture

I changed it.  Thanks for letting me know Allen.  My apologies to Ethen.

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