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Brews and News May 1981

v. 6
i. 5
Newsletter Date: 
  • The Great Western Malting Tour is free to those bringing homebrew
  • Rodney Morris's Water Article Continued
    • Using Sulpuric acid for ales (to produce sulphates in neutral water)
    • USing Burton Salts and making your own from plaster of paris and epsom salts
  • Choosing a Motto
  • Merlin's Cup - Proposed memorial to Merlin - Recorded winners of Springfest and Octoberfest
  • Springfest Compeittion
    • 8 Categories!
      • Pilsners & Light Lagers
      • Dark Lagers
      • Pale Ales
      • Dark and Brown Ales
      • Porters and Stouts
      • Steam Beer
      • Barley Wines
      • Unusual Brews
  • Tastings at meetings resume
  • Call for Recipes
  • Members turn Pro - Paul Camusi helps co-found Sierra Nevada Brewing
  • Hops - yes, they're supposed to be dry and Daume has a connection for European hops
  • Dues due in July
  • Tips on Trub - Brewer's Digest suggests removing all trub
  • Brewmaster Lore - Goverment confiscation of rice during the Korean War
  • Call for Artciles
  • Springfest Preparations
    • A volunteer cleanup crew
    • at least one keg of home brew
  • Winners of the Second Home Wine and Beer Trade Associations International Beer Comeptition
    • Rodger Haynes - Best of Show
  • More Springfest Prep
    • 6 volunteer judges
    • John Daume is cooking for the cleanup crew
  • Board Resolution - The Winner of a Competition is required to brew a keg (at club expense) for the next festival.
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