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Brews and News April 1981

v. 6
i. 4
Newsletter Date: 
  • Recap of Chris Quint's mashing demonstration
  • The club buys it's first communal mill from Chris Quint
  • The club bought 7000lbs of malt from Great Western
  • Great Western (LA) tour
  • Rodger Haynes - BOS in Phoenix Brew-off, Rodney Morris - win in San Jose
  • Dave Line's "The Big Book of Brewing" - Error in Hydrometer Correction Formulas
  • Water study
    • Yeast not important
    • Neutralizing LA tap water with acid.
    • Making fun of John Daume's Budweiser habit
    • To be continued
  • Recipe: Black Angus Brew #29 by Rodger Haynes
  • Recipe: Barshack Gingermead by Rodger Haynes
    • based on Charlie Papazian's original 1979 Zymurgy recipe
    • uses hops and sugar
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