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June 2016 Board Meeting Notes

Board Meeting

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Location: Home Beer & Cheese Making Shop

Attendees: Cullen, Drew, Tiffany, Andy, Ed, Kent, Craig, Matt & Lili


  1. Next meeting date and location?

    1. Member meeting: July 10th at the shop

    2. Board meeting: July 19th. Need to run the date with John to make sure it's ok!

    3. No August Member meeting

  2. Treasurer’s Report

    1. Usual Financial info: Plenty of money!

    2. Swag: How can we sell more stuff? Kent has all items at his house

    3. Do we have an inventory list? No, but Kent does in his head

  3. Activities

    1. Mayfaire fest / camping – Acton KOA. Post-mortem

      1. Everything was fantastic. Who paid for fire rings?

    2. LABW – How was the kickoff event?

      1. It went well and we tapped out of 9 of 10 soda kegs!! Lili created a list of things that we need for next year. Tiffany purchased some items like tablecloths, poster board and marker.

    3. Brew With a Falcon

      1. BSG brew supply group had donated extract which will be delivered to everyone who is hosting by Monday.

      2. Denny will be calling in to each hosting site to get some feedback on the event to help with promoting the event on Drew's podcast.

    4. Lake Arrowhead –– Anything new?

      1. They are expanding the space for us! August 12-14th.  Festival is on 13th. Allowed 16 maximum people on camp ground. Drop off for beer is on Friday. Event is on the website.  

    5. Oktoberfest –– DAV

      1. Tiffany is working on the contract with DAV on July 6th, but we still need a backup plan. Look up TO park? Possibly adding an educational component to Oktoberfest? Or even Brew?

      2. Possible dates for this event are Sept. 24th or October 1st?

    6. South bay Brewery Tour!

      1. October 29th- save the date


  1. Vice President

    1. LACF judging venue? July 23 for 50-60 people.

      1. We need different ideas for venues and pricing.

      2. Matt will ask for about holding the event at New mission Theater for both LACF and DAV.

    2. Upcoming competition plans:

      1. Oktoberfest

      2. Possibly introducing a Homebrew Club winner Cup!

      3. Competition committee meeting sometime in October/November - TBD

  2. Webmaster and Grand Hydro

    1. July style: Alternatives

      1. Possibly having some of the Boochcraft, cider or saki

    2. Website:

      1. It is running. Drew will double check the Mayfaire errors prior to LAFC.  

      2. Setting up an event calendar that's contacted to our website and Social Media sites.

  3. Membership

    1. Anything new?

      1. It's pretty slow at the moment. Cards get sent out every month.

  4. Publicity

    1. Shop Brews:

      1. June: BWAF

      2. July: We've been having trouble filling up slots the past couple of months. Possibly Adam (Matt's friend)

      3. Possible July Shop Brew dates: July 24th or 30th

    2. Charities: 2 per competition/yearly

      1. Option to consider: Taking out $250 out of the $1000 from LACF to make it a total of 3 charities a year.

      2. Charities: Team Rubicon (Veterans), MEND (Families) & Ojai Raptor Center

  5. Newsletter  

    1. President’s article: Talk up elections, LACF, Arrowhead, etc.

    2. Material needed by: June 29-30th. Would to publish it by the first week of July.

    3. Who else contributing? I would still like to see more articles from board.

    4. Ask Drew about how to add new members to newsletter.

  6. Burgermeister

    1. July potluck and CAN DRIVE!

    2. Ask Natalie about LACF menu

  7. Other business?

    1. Time to start thinking about who’s running for the board.

      1. No Tiffany, Natalie or Lili (debating)
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