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BBQ weather is upon us again... Time for lunch!

'sup Falcons. Since we all live in Hel-lay and since it's been crazy hot lately I am beyond fatiqued and shall not be making a lunch for the next member's meeting (July 10th). But don't you fret dearies. We are ALL making lunch. Yeeeup. Potluck kiddos! 

I will make a big pot of vegan sloppy joes (yes vegan get over it) but the remainder of the meal is up to you lovelies. 

Please let me know what you can bring to the meeting. Bring enough for at least 15+ servings so everyone can have a taste. 

Here are some suggestions:
Bread and hummus
Veggie platter
Potato salad
Pasta salad
Green salad
Fruit salad
Chips & Dips
Cheese platter

Please leave your name and the dish you're planning on bringing in the comments section (or message me directly)

See you all then!
~Your friendly neighboorhood BurgerFraü

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Comment test!

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I can see it...

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I (Matthew Trumbo) plan on bringing either pasta or macaroni salad. 

reverendnathan's picture

I am bringing sausage balls!

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