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Holiday Pot Luck Lunch - Sign Up!

Our holiday lunch is less than 3 weeks away!(boy this year went by fast!) For those who would like to bring a dish to pass for our upcoming December Membership Meeting on Sunday the 8th, Pete and I would like to share some ideas (simply as inspiration) for the yummy spread. Since we don’t really need 10 potato salads or half dozen green bean casseroles (or do we?), please email me with the dish you would like to share with the Falcons during our festive holiday lunch. I will be keeping track of the inventory so if you would list 2-3 different items, I will respond with which food category needs fulfilling (but if you have a "must have" dish, let me know and I'll mark it down). And obviously feel free to infuse beer into your dish – another reason to be thankful this time of year! Please be sure to let me know how much/size pan/dish you will be bringing & include your cell phone in your response so we can follow up with you a week before. Ideas (I included size for some as they are holiday staples): - MEAT!! (1/2 chaffing pan) - Caesar Salad (1/2 chaffing pan) - House Salad (1/2 chaffing pan - Salad dressing (3 different) - Crockpot of stew or chili (winners of chili cook-off – hint hint!) - Goulash (1/2 chaffing pan) - Mac & cheese (1/2 chaffing pan) - Green bean salad (1/2 chaffing pan) - Candied yams or sweet potato casserole - Stuffing (1/2 chaffing pan) - Cranberry sauce - Potato au gratin - Mashed potatoes (1/2 chaffing pan) - Quinoa & veggie salad (ex: southwest style) - Corn bread/muffins - French bread - Brussels sprouts & bacon - Twice baked potatoes (option: with bacon) - Spinach artichoke dip (with pita or tortilla chips) - Stuffed peppers - Chicken pot pie - Roasted mixed veggies - Rainbow Jello mold - Mini Pecan pies - Christmas cookie cut outs - Marshmallows (Steve…) - Fudge - Crack Pie & Cake balls (Tiffany…) - Cheese plate - White trash (the chex mix kind) Don’t forget to bring a serving utensil for your dish & toy(s) as well! Those who bring a dish to pass do not pay the fee for lunch. Thanks so much & looking forward to seeing ya’ll on the 8th! Tiffany & Pete (Burgermeisters) Tiffany.fairbrother@craftbrew.com


Steve Cook's picture

Is Peter going to make the ham like he did last year? Also will you have chafing pans and sterno for things that need to stay heated??

tfairbrother1's picture

We will definitely have chafing pans & sterno to keep hot food warm - as for the ham by chef Peter I'm not sure but will update the listing as soon as we know. Hopefully in addition to the ham, I will be grilling up some pork belly.

cybertonian's picture

Chili con carne y frijoles

moonshadow704's picture

I'll make some Golumpki 

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