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Who Wants Some Yeast?

I'm in talks right now with a yeast provider to get our hands on a set of strains. They ain't cheap, but as a club we could probably make this work.

Look here for the product list:
East Coast Yeast

If you'd like to get something (or multiple somethings) leave a comment below with type and quantity, once I have a good feeling for our numbers, we'll settle on a small subset of strains we'll get and I'll get back a price and people can pay online for their yeast.

Oh and thanks to Matt Bourbeau for kicking off this idea. (FYI - This is open only to members of the Falcons)


Matt Bourbeau's picture

Any idea how large the yeast vials are? I ask because the bacterial things in the bugfarm, and Flemish ale might not tolerate a well aerated starter so it could be best to pitch multiple vials instead.

Drew Edit - Matt asked for Bug Farm and Scottish Heavy

rev_joe's picture

Count me in!

Drew Beechum's picture

What and approximately how much would you want?

The Izzy's picture

I'd be in for some BugFarm and Farmhouse Brett

bruhozer's picture

I would like to get the 11 and the 07 one serving each, pending what the price would be I'm good to about $10 per serving over that I'm just going to let the beer gods take over to feed my wort (greedy little carbonating fart bastards)

Brewgyver's picture

I would like the bug farm ECY 01, and ECY 03.

johnaitchison's picture

Are we going to see an Elkwood Oud Bruin? Might be quite interesting.

cybertonian's picture

Put me down for a bottle of the Old Newark Ale yeast. It would be interesting to try to make a Ballentine IPA.

johnaitchison's picture

I'd love to get some of the 13 (Trappist Ale). And I'd also like to try some of Izzy's beers when he's done.


DaveL256's picture

Count me in for some ECY07 and ECY10 please. Something for 10 gallons worth of pitchable, each, i.e. 4 5-gallon batches...
Thanks for taking point on this Drew!

Patrick Mathews's picture

Bug farm, berliner, and the Old Newark Ale.

BMan1113VR's picture

Wish I had seen this sooner. I had really good results from some Bugfarm back when Al use to send them out on BBB

I'd be down for the BugFarm and the Berliner Blend.

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