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Sunfest Aftermath

Wow! Great party up there in the mountains. The early birds got hit with that all too rare Southern California phenom - rain. Reports had everyone huddling under a couple of popups, cooking breakfast and enjoying each other's company. Turnout was a little smaller, thanks mostly to the homebody element's fear of a little rain. Too bad guys, cause this fest was awesome - cool, pine scented and with an amazing view from atop the mountain. And all of it a short 70 minute-ish drive from the Valley.

We had ~30 kegs on draft, a smaller band lineup that included a broken handed Doug still taking the lead on guitar.

A major upset occurred in the Pub Quiz challenge. The parts of perennial champions Team 'Stache got beat by the new coming - "Ball Busters" "Shitheads and Wankers" - by a miniscule 4 poitns. Next time - Team Stache needs to study up on their "Teen Pop Queens" or at the very least Debbie Gibson!

Scott and Carrie were awesome as always. Mick attempted to kill the collected gathering with his Habenero Death Sauce, a blend of Habeneros, Roasted Garlic and Carrots. Apparently he has two gallons of this evil stuff, which means David A is inheriting at least a gallon and a half!

Beer highlights for me - Matt Mangum's IPA, Tom Wolf's Pliny clone, Kent & Nancy's Doppelbock, Craig's Angry Rye IPA and Fixation. Heck, there was so much good beer there that even Scott Wyse brought a decent beer! (who would have expected it?)

Well, next up on the party agenda - we gotta get dressed up and look our dapper best for our 35th Anniversary Party!

Want to see some photos? Click here. If you've got photos of your own, upload them!



Reenie's picture

You're right Drew! Sunfest was great! This is the first time I have attended and Mt. Pinos was an incredible place to be, period. It was so peaceful up there and so nice to be able to see the stars at night without the glare of orange light ruining it. Made all the more great by the beers that accentuated the whole thing.  They were all deliciuous, and Diane's stood out for me.  Thanks to all the Falcons for such a great event. Thanks to Kent, Steve, Carrie and Scott for the fine food both days. Can't wait till the Anniversary bash.

Diane Van Wagner's picture

A note of correction to you Drew. The "Shitheads and Wankers" won first place in the trivia contest with 226 points. We bet it all, and got the formula for ethanol correct for the bonus question. The team consisted of John Kaufman, Steve Cook, Irene, Diane Van Wagner, and Mike Summers.

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