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So what's going on here? The New MaltoseFalcons.com

 Welcome to Day 1 of the new MaltoseFalcons.com. Personally I blame everything about this site on Jonny Lieberman. About 2 years ago, he hit me up with the idea of creating a new site that would allow the Falcons to come in and modify the bejezzus out of their world. Post stories, pictures and recipes, talk with their fellow club members, etc.

So after a few stops and starts (and this is actually revision 4 of the site), a few server changes and a book, here we are. You'll notice we're still missing a bunch of content from the old site. If you need something before we move it over, you'll find it at http://archive.maltosefalcons.com/ 

What's coming? Hopefully soon there'll be space for everyone to not only post pictures, but post details about their systems, add recipes (beer and food) and more. Trust me when I say this is just the start of everything. 


Where to start?

Try going to the Forums at http://www.maltosefalcons.com/forum 

Write a blog entry describing your latest brew day - http://www.maltosefalcons.com/node/add/blog

View the photos that we've gathered over the years - http://www.maltosefalcons.com/gallery

Take a look at the oldest newsletter we've managed to scrounge up from January 1978 (Not much of a newsletter that one) http://www.maltosefalcons.com/brews/1978/197801

Now you should be able to post photos here at http://www.maltosefalcons.com/gallery2/ You should see a link to "My Album" in the upper right and if you need to add an album or photo look for the pulldown on the lower left and choose the appropriate option. If you have Java enabled, you can bulk upload via the Java Upload Applet

If you've got suggestions, complaints or are confused about anything, post a message in the forum, send me an email or a private message - http://www.maltosefalcons.com/messages/new/1000


Whatever you do, get in there and start making some content happen!


Thanks everyone! Here's to hoping we keep things moving forward

-- Drew


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Are you calling it Drew-pal then?

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