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A little Club Publicity (and me Publicity)

Met a few weeks ago with the wonderfully ebullient Cambria from DrinkEatTravel.com at my new homestead where she asked questions, nosed around the R&D Brewing Company grounds and took some pictures that actually make me look not entirely loutish. All for part of her series on the homebrewers of LA. In the past she's covered friends of the Falcons Charlie "Push" Essers and Andrew and Lee Bakofsky

Meet the Homebrewers of Los Angeles – Drew Beechum

Also just published today - Cambria and her partner in crime, Stan, were roaming around the Anchor Party. (You may remember the cameras). Here is DrinkEatTravel.com's coverage of our Party!

ETA: Check out the awesome picture of Madame President from a few days ago! Female Brewers, Food and Wine in Aspen, 223.8 Billion Bucks from Beer on The Scoop.

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