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Falcons in Motortrend!

Great Midwestern Beer Run

For those of you who don't know, erstwhile Falcon and brewer of all things "MEGA", Jonny Lieberman, is a Senior Editor at Motor Trend. Basically, he gets handed lots of cars, free gas and an excuse to swear and write funny things about motors in print.

In the case of a great idea in search of an excuse, Jonny got his hands on a super powered Cadillac CTS-V Sports Wagon. Basically, it's a long, mean, black beast of a station wagon powered by a Corvette mill producing 556 horsepower. It's a stupid car, no one should buy one.. and then you drive it.

In our case, Jonny, a crew from Motor Trend and I flew to Detroit and fetched the car and proceeded to boogie through the Upper Midwest looking for beer.

Read the story by the actual paid writer!


bruhozer's picture

Hey Leiberman- what a great article, You squeezed a lot of great beer stuff in a car magazine article. Sounds like Drew got a pretty cool adventure. I guess you could do it in a Morris Minor but It would take 3 times as long without the speeding ticket.

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