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Help with Brutus 10 brewing stand

Brutus 10 Brewing Stand

Here is my first blog: I went to great lengths to buy all the steel, pumps, pipes, love temp guages and yet been able to put my Brutus 10 stand together. The problem is that I have very few friends that know how to weld, or want to help. In addition, I travel all over the U.S. for work, but home on the weekends, which puts a time crunch on my efforts at finding a friend or co-brewer to help.

As you may have seen in the BYO magazine, the Brutus 10 is a good stand for holding 15 to 20 gallon brewing pots. The plans include all the piping and electronics to build the ultimate do it yourself brew stand. I went online to www.Youtube.com and found video on others that had built it and it looked like they were experiencing easy brew days (although it didn't show the clean up, which is the hardest part).

I purchased enough pre-cut steel to build two stands. One for the welder and one for me. The problem I'm having is that one is stainless steel, which requires a lot more experience. If anyone reading this has some experience or knows someone that has experience welding stainless steel, I would give the other stand to the welder, plus beer of course.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

David Lester




Drew Beechum's picture

have I wanted to know how to weld as much as right now.

Sadly, mechanical bits ain't  my forte.  The club has a welder we've used a ton in the past though. Commercial guy, good rates. Ok, so remembers the details?

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Larry Konis has built a Brutus.  He went to a welder in Westlake who's name escapes me but I'm sure he could help you out.  I don't know if Larry hangs out here yet, but he's a regular on the Falcon's Newsgroup.

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Hey David,


Let me know if you have trouble finding someone, I work with 5-6 people who could take care of it for you.




either message me on here or email me Skipp@silverlakedesign.com

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Ok, now that's good information.

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I can weld steel but unfortunately I don't have the equipment for stainless.

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Well, I finished the Brutus 10 stand, but it wasn't easy. And, I didn't realize it would cost so much. I'll update this blog with the things you need to know about building this stand, like help from professonals!!

I started a new blog regarding my build of this stand. Select "Blogs" on the left menu and scroll to the "I built the Brutus 10 Beer Brewing Stand." Or, you can select this link: http://www.maltosefalcons.com/blogs/dlester/i-built-brutus-10-beer-brewing-stand-0 


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