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Two Videos: Anchor Steam Brewery Awards Maltose Falcons The 2010 Homebrew Club of the Year


For those that didn't make it to the award ceremony, here is a couple videos of the award cerimony. I included a video explaining where the trophy came from. Select the links below.

Award Video on Youtube

Video explanation of where the Trophy came from at Anchor Steam Brewery



Here? Can I do that?


It's Fog Horn Barley Wine!


Now that's a party!


Drew Beechum's picture

But I'm hoping that's Anchor's Old Foghorn Barleywine you'll pulling out of the kettle unless they suddenly have a pipeline from Chico! :)

David Lester's picture

Laughing, I think my brain is foggy from the whole weekend. I edited it, thanks for the correction. Hopefully before our friends at the brewery saw that. Personally, Foghorn is my favorite!

bruhozer's picture

Hey David great post, thanks for sharing that. Did you have any more footage of the award presentation? 

David Lester's picture

Yes, I do have one more video. I posted it and updated the post. It isn't much because I used my mobile phone. Maybe we should consider video at more events.

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