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the White House Honey Ale & Honey Porter Recipes

The White House recently released their homebrew recipes at the request of homebrewers. According to the website, President Obama paid for a Homerewing kit and asked the Whitehouse chefs to make the beer.

The recipes were from a brewer near the Whitehouse:



Rousing up sleepy yeast with a Portable Co2 Charger


I was looking for a way to rouse up my yeast in a conical fermenter. I thought of hooking up my C02 system, but I didn't want to unhook it from my system and thought it might be possible that wort might fall back into the line.

The solution for me was a Cornelius Keg Portable CO2 Charger. I had to find a 1/2" to 1/8" connector, which wasn't easy. I hooked it all up and shazzam, it worked!

Mayfaire Festival 2012- The Video

Hello my felllow brewers. Wow is all I've got to say about this year's Mayfaire Festival. What a lot of fun! Since I had to drive home, I stopped drinking early and started shooting video and still photos. I combined some photos and video to make a fun video of our time together. I hope you enjoy it. I uploaded to youtube.com and made a link as follows:

Mayfaire Festival Video - Select Here

David Lester

Maltose Falcons Lambic beer best of 2011 NHC Club Night (according to Andy Sparks)

Basic Brewing recently released their video on Club Night at the 2011 NHC. The video is hosted by James Spencer and Steve Wilkes. At the end of their video, their guest, Andy Sparks, noted that he believed the best beer of club night was Maltose Falcon's nine year old Lambic. Congrats on the person that brought it to NCH.

Here is the video for you to view:


David Lester

My Love/Hate relationship with Simcoe hops

I know, to love and hate Simcoe Hops is oxymoronic. However, Simcoe holds both a love and a hate relationship with me. I have made a great effort at discovering the qualities of Simcoe hops. But in my many brews I discovered that Simcoe has both a good and a bad side.

I have tried Simcoe hops in both bittering and at flame out. This is where a huge difference and the oxymoronic paradigm transpires.

Two Videos: Anchor Steam Brewery Awards Maltose Falcons The 2010 Homebrew Club of the Year


For those that didn't make it to the award ceremony, here is a couple videos of the award cerimony. I included a video explaining where the trophy came from. Select the links below.

Award Video on Youtube

Video explanation of where the Trophy came from at Anchor Steam Brewery



Here? Can I do that?


It's Fog Horn Barley Wine!


Help with Brutus 10 brewing stand

Brutus 10 Brewing Stand

Here is my first blog: I went to great lengths to buy all the steel, pumps, pipes, love temp guages and yet been able to put my Brutus 10 stand together. The problem is that I have very few friends that know how to weld, or want to help. In addition, I travel all over the U.S. for work, but home on the weekends, which puts a time crunch on my efforts at finding a friend or co-brewer to help.

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