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I just got back from Sunfest up there on the mountain (Mt. Pinos).  Always a damn fine time.  The band seemed a tad less raucous this time, I think probably out of consideration for the other occupants of the campground.  Probably wise.  More importantly, the beer was very high quality across the board.  Usually there seems to be one or two beers on tap that give the impression that the brewer is just trying to empty the keg, but not having the heart to actually throw out the beer.  Today there were none that substandard, none that I would toss out.  The Berliner weisse there was just about as good an example that I've had, very refreshing.  The Poor Richard's ale was rich toasty and mouth-watering.  The Pliny clone was as close as anyone not named Vinnie Cilurzo should make.  The shop brew cream ale was clean, smooth and sooo easy to drink.


But beer is only a beverage.  It only becomes maximally enjoyable when consumed amongst friends.  That really is the whole point of doing the fests.  My thanks to you all for coming out to enjoy another Falcon fest.




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