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beer songs

Hey so I am trying to put together a list of rock & roll/blues genre songs that reference beer or maybe just drinking, and it seems like it is harder than I thought. I've got a few like Roadhouse Blues ( btw- according to fellow Doors member Ray M it's "Got myself a beard" in reference to sleeping for multiple days), Hey Bartender, One Bourbon one Scotch one Beer, Old Taylor, What Good Can Drinking Do (first recording of Janis J), any other suggestions from the group that has beer on the brain?
Craig W


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My second fav beer song! Here it is on the You Tube.

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How about "One for My Baby" (and one more for the road) by Old Blue Eyes....

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The Flogging Mollys & Poxy Boggards have a few beer songs also....

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The Boggards also have the advantage of including local beer celebrity Charlie "Push Eject" in their epic video - "Drink 'til I Die"


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"I drink alone" - George Thorogood
"Another Drinking Song" - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
"Have A Drink on Me" - AC/DC
"Whiskey on the Rocks" - AC/DC
"Beer" - Reel Big Fish
"Drinkin' " -Reel Big Fish
"I am a Cider Drinker" - Alestorm

Let me know if you need the MP3's!

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