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This Ingenious Cap Transforms Your Growler Into A Mini Keg

If you’ve ever owned a growler, you know that its one downfall is that the beer immediately starts to degrade once you open it. So, if you’re a craft drinker who likes to get the most out of your brew (so, everyone), check out The TapIt Cap. This ingenious accessory easily transforms your growler into a mini keg by making sure it stays fresh and carbonated. Because there is nothing worse than flat beer, nothing.



bruhozer's picture

I can think of a few things worse than flat beer, #1 infected beer. I like this product but before I toss $50 at something to save my growler beer I would be more inclined to invest in a corny keg and tap set-up for all the other reasons to be able to keep your beer longer, carbonate the beer you just made etc.
Those little co2 cartridges tend to be kind of pricy for the long run and they never worked very well in the same concept of the soda siphon systems sold to tons of consumers in the 60's-70's
I would be more inclined to carefully transfer my growler beer into a small corny and keep it that way. Yea I know the orig set up is about 4 times but the efficiency, durability and cost per use I think out weighs this. Also from a safety standpoint I trust a corny that is rated at a much greater pressure than a glass growler that is subject to flaws.

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