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Beanie's Wife's English Toffee Recipe


Walnuts or Pecans (I use large bag of pecans at Costco: ¾ of the bag makes 3 batches)
4 – 6 Large Hershey Bars or any kind of chocolate (4 bars makes 3 or 4 batches)
2 cubes of butter (½ lb)
1 Cup Sugar
1/4 Cup Water (Sometimes I substitute “Beanie's Big Ass Porter” for the water)

Items you'll need:
Non-stick sauce pan (cleans up easier)
Wooden Spoon
Parchment paper
Cookie Sheet (9” x 13”)
Chopper or food processor
Container for the nut/chocolate mixture
Butter knife


1. (Clear a spot in your freezer to fit the cookie sheet laying flat for cooling the candy)

2. FINELY chop the nuts and then the chocolate bars: Combine them equally in a bowl and set aside

3. Spoon the nut/chocolate mixture covering the parchment paper on the 9” x 13” cookie sheet

4. In a sauce pan, bring to boil butter/water/sugar over MEDIUM heat, stirring CONSTANTLY

5. Cook/boil UNTIL IT SMOKES on medium heat (when the mixture turns a rich brown thinner consistency you need to watch because there will be a small poof or flurry of smoke (probably the hardest thing is seeing the smoke . . . if unsure, when it's a nice rich darker brown color it's probably done)

6. Pour a thin layer slowly back and forth over the nut/chocolate mixture

7. (Soak the pan and spoon quickly in water or it will be hard as a rock on each)

8. Sprinkle nut/chocolate mixture on top (I put less on top than the bottom so that I can make more batches and it will have a richer toffee flavor)

9. Cool: Put the cookie sheet in the freezer to cool/harden more quickly (about 15 minutes)

10. Use a butter knife to stab and break the candy into bite sizes

11. Store the candy in a container in the refrigerator and always serve COLD . . . (I freeze it then keep in an ice chest when I take it anywhere). . .it's better cold otherwise the chocolate gets sort of soft and messy in your hands

Great served with a "Big Ass Porter"

ENJOY and Happy Holidays!!! . . Susan aka Beanie's Wife


Reenie's picture

So glad you posted this recipe!!! It is delish!!! A great holiday gift too!

bruhozer's picture

She's not just Beanie's wife she's Susan- the lovely Susan! Thanks for posting this.

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