You, Yes You! You Are Wanted for the New Maltose Falcons Board!

It's election time coming up soon for the Maltose Falcons Board!!! Those of you who would like to serve are encouraged to start thinking about either being on the Board. Or nominating one of your fellow Falcons who you think would do a great job.  Elections will be in September, so you have time to consider what position would suit you best or as I said before, another Falcon who you think could do a great job in any of the positions.  Start thinking now Falcons!!!

Rogue Tap Takeover



Join us along with Rogue Brewing

on July 21st, 2012 for the 
Rouge Brewing Tap Takeover @ 5:00 PM

We will bring you multiple Rogue beers on Draught some of which have never been served on draught before.

- Double Dead Guy
- Chatoe Dirtior
- Mom's Hef
- Brutal IPA
- Mocha Porter
- Mogul Madness
- Chatoe OREgasmic
- Chatoe Single Malt
- Yellow Snow IPA
- Chocolate Stout

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July Newsletter

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Fight Your Hangover... with Science!

A quick scienitific means of dealing with hangovers. Most of know this stuff, but it never hurts to repeat it!

So watch.. unless you like hangovers.. then you're strange!


July Shop Brew - Black Rye IPA

Our monthly Club Shop Brew is set for Sunday July 22nd at 8:00 a.m. Our Club’s 1st Vice President, Ed Kochanowski will be leading this crew with the brewing of a Black Rye IPA.

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An interesting time...

Ruminate on this for a while:

In the past few months we've seen the following news items:

  • Angel City sold to a subsidary of Boston Beer Co.
  • Sierra Nevada announces a new brewery opening in Asheville NC
  • New Belgium announces a new brewery opening in Asheville NC
  • Oskar Blues announces a new brewery opening in Asheville NC
  • Lagunitas announces a new brewery opening in Chicago

and now...

2012 LA County Fair Homebrew Competition.

2012 LACF




Regional Competition

Sanctioned by the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP)

Under the supervision of the

 Maltose Falcons Home Brewing Society

Entry Fee - $7.00 per entry

Finding buried treasure

It pays to have a wife who loves a good bargain.

When My wife goes grocery shopping, she always checks that spot in the back where the market sticks its day-old stuff and close-outs. Twice now, I've gone with her to an Albertson's with a good beer selection and found buried treasure back in that hiding place. Once before, it was a couple of bombers of Sierra Nevada Torpedo. Today, it was two 6-packs of Stone Ruination IPA for half off. As far as I can tell, they were back there just to make room in the cooler for something else.

Gang of Four (Minus One) Cream Ale

Cereal mash cream ale using Quaker Quick Grits and six-row barley
Brew Date: 
Brewed By: 
Rich, OJ and YJ
Beer Styles: 
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Angel City Reopening Under the New Management with First Beer

From BlogDowntown:

It appears that the relaunch of Angel City is beginning under the new ownership who bought the brewery from longtime Falcon and brewery founder Michael Bowe. The first batch of beer is a Belgian White Beer temporarily called "Test Beer B" and is on tap at a few places around downtown.


Cream Ale Day

Brewing beer with friends is about as good as it gets!

Today I'm brewing a cream ale with my friends Jim and Jimmy Alden. We're using 20% Quaker Quick Grits in the recipe.

Other than a mistake and scorching the grits the first time (another trip to S&F for another bag of grits fixed that), things are rolling along nicely. Big Jim is manning the BBQ and we'll soon be eating brats and saurkraut. Won't want to be around us after lunch!

Ventura Surf Brewing Tap Takeover

Featuring Ventura Surf's Best Beers on Draught!!! Mondo's Cream Ale Surfer's Point Vienna Lager Shaka XPA Extra Pale Ale
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June Shop Brew - Elkwood Wheat

Our monthly Club Shop Brew is set for Sunday June 10th at 8:00 a.m. Our Club Treasurer, Kent Fletcher will be leading this crew with the brewing of his Elkwood Wheat.

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June newsletter

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Your June newsletter.

Food Not Bombs Dubbel

Michael Izbicki's Dubbel came close to the bird with his Dubbel, placing as the First Runner-up. Mike takes the monk thing seriously running a group at UC Riverside called "Food Not Bombs" to make free lunches for students. See the notes for more information
Brew Date: 
Brewed By: 
Michael Izbicki
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For the Beer Drinkers


The Circle of beer life.  


white trash repairs - The Circle of Life

Mayfaire Festival 2012- The Video

Hello my felllow brewers. Wow is all I've got to say about this year's Mayfaire Festival. What a lot of fun! Since I had to drive home, I stopped drinking early and started shooting video and still photos. I combined some photos and video to make a fun video of our time together. I hope you enjoy it. I uploaded to youtube.com and made a link as follows:

Mayfaire Festival Video - Select Here

David Lester

A FINE TIME INDEED ~ MAYFAIRE 2012 by the Alewench


        Just when I think that a Falcon Fest that I have attended could not be topped.... BOOM! Mayfaire 2012 arrives and I realize that each event just gets better and better.  And no, it is not the fine homebrew talking, as I have had time to come down from that, do all the wonderful “back home, must do laundry, must clean camp kit” and decided that I needed to write this down immediately.

Got Wood?

For years I have used wood chips and cubes soaked in random sprits and wines. I finally broke down and bought a barrel that I could fill on my own from Woodinville, a nice little 8 gallon Bourbon Whiskey Barrels that just got dumped. I spent the day making a nice stand to place it on top of a cart to move it around.

Anyways, I waited a few weeks to get mine but I just noticed that both Bourbon and Rye 8g Barrels are available again.



A Night with Firestone Walker Brewing CO.


We will be releasing the following beers on Draught!


Firestone Wookey Jack Black IPA

Firestone Parabola Russian Imperial Stout

Firestone Velvet Merkin (Aged in Bourbon BBLs) Oatmeal Stout

Firestone Solace Unfiltered Wheat Ale


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Oceanside Rye IPA / Yorkshire Lad Rye

Another split batch of beer to provide cannon fodder for the SCHF. The Oceanside proved to be very popular with a sweet flavor from the large dose of Citra in the finish.
Brew Date: 
Brewed By: 
Drew Beechum
Brew Type: 

Strand Brewing Tasting at Wades

Strand Brewing
Flight Night Thursday, May 10th from 4:30pm to 9:00pm
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A Rose By Any Other Name - The Importance of Homebrew Names

(Most of this article originally appeared in BeerAdvocate the Magazine in March 2011. The reprint is inspired by the latest goofiness at SCHF. Read below for more.)

2012 AHA First Round Results

Congrats to the following Falcons for placing in the 2012 First Round of the AHA


Ventura Surf Brewing Tap Takeover


Join us along with Ventura Surf Brewery

on June 16th, 2012 for the 
Ventura Surf Brewery Tap Takeover @ 5:00 PM

We will bring you multiple Ventura Surf beers on Draught some of which have never been served on draught before.

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"A Night of Ciders" Featuring Crispin and Fox Barrel


Fox Barrel Cider Dinner

Saturday, May 26th @ 5:00pm

Live Music at 7:00pm

Call for Reservations


Featured Ciders:


Fox Barrel Ginger Black Currant (ABV 6.5%)

Fox Barrel Blackberry Pear (ABV 5.0%)

Crispin Original (ABV 5.0%)

Crispin Honey Crisp (ABV 6.5%)

Crispin The Saint (ABV 6.9%)

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Samuel Adams Tap Takeover


Join us along with Sam Adams Boston Brewery

on May 19th, 2012 for the 
Sam Adams Tap Takeover @ 5:00 PM

We will bring you multiple Sam Adams beers on Draught some of which have never been served on draught before.

- Boston Lager
- Summer Ale
- Angry Orchard
- Dark Depths
- Grumpy Monk
- Tasman Red
- Belgium Session

This is an event not to be missed by any Sam Adams beer lover!

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Kegs for NHC!

SCHF was a blast! For those of you who are heading to NHC in Seattle or are willing to donate a keg or two to the cause of reminding folks why the Falcons are the Falcons - Whatcha got in the hopper?

Kegs are due into the shop by 5pm on Sunday June 17th so that Fletch and company can load them up and take them to Seattle.

The kegs will be brought back to the shop following the NHC.

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May 2012 Newsletter

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LA Area Brewery Tour 2012

See attached MSExcel spread sheet for planning details, expecution, and accounting for the 24 March 2012 Maltose Falcons tour of LA area breweries..  Be sure and read the post trip notes.  We paid full price at most places.  Ladyface gave us a 10% discount.  I forgot to include a tip for each of the breweries serving staff.  You should add a budget number for this on the next trip.  There are two worksheets labeled Calculation Sheet (##) with either a 38 or a 56.  One is a budget for 38 people and a 38 passenger commuter bus.  The other is for a 56 passenger tour coach bus.  We had 46 peopl

Board Roles: 


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