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Woodchuck Mint Cider joins Cellar Series, Summer Cider now in cans

BeerNews.org - Wed, 04/16/2014 - 05:41

Press Release: 

(Middlebury, VT) – Woodchuck Hard Cider is excited to announce the release of two new products, which represent the craft cider makers’ commitment to both innovation and their passionate fan base.

Woodchuck Cellar Series Mint is the most recent cider to be released in the Cellar Series line. Mint is handcrafted from fresh Vermont McIntosh and Irish bittersweet apples. The twist turns up in the form of fresh mint as whole spearmint leaves are added to the tank a week before bottling. Spearmint oils slowly permeate the tank, leaving a subtle mint note on top of the full apple taste.

“This is a really interesting mix of apple varieties that results in a bright and fresh cider,” said Woodchuck cider maker John Matson. “Using whole leaf organic mint also brings a great freshness to this cider that we think pairs perfectly with the spring season.”

Mint is 6.9% alcohol by volume and available nationally through May. For more on Mint and the other ciders of the Woodchuck Cellar, visit the Woodchuck Blog.

Woodchuck is also introducing its popular Summer Seasonal in a 12-ounce can. The cider, which features an infusion of blueberry, is also available nationwide in a 12-pack format.

“Our summer cider is one of our most popular varieties, and after we put Woodchuck Amber in a can, fans started clamoring to get the summer cider in a package they could bring with them during their summer adventures outdoors,” said Communications Manager Nate Formalarie. “We are fortunate to have such a committed and passionate fan base, so we answered the call.”

These ciders represent a great transition happening here in Vermont. The snow, ice, and cold are receding, making way for warmer days ahead. Additionally, Woodchuck will also be opening a new state of the art cidery soon. Details about the project and the official opening will be revealed in the months ahead, but to check the current progress the Woodchuck Construction page.

For more information about Woodchuck Hard Cider, please visit www.woodchuck.com.

About Woodchuck® Hard Cider
Woodchuck Hard Cider is a hard cider handcrafted with apples. Woodchuck Amber was developed in a Proctorsville, Vermont garage in 1991. Its recipe and creator, Greg Failing, remain at the core of the product. Woodchuck Hard Cider now operates in a state-of-the-art cidery in Middlebury, Vermont, and its lineup of styles has grown to include a variety of seasonal and limited releases. Distribution, which started in a single Vermont country store, now stretches across all 50 states. The Woodchuck family is dedicated to providing exceptional quality and premium taste in every bottle and can. A naturally gluten-free beverage, Woodchuck Hard Cider lends itself well to food pairings and recipes. For more information, visit www.woodchuck.com.

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Rogue Farms Honey Kölsch returns on June 1st

BeerNews.org - Tue, 04/15/2014 - 21:45

Press Release: 

(Newport, RI) – At Rogue Farms we know spring has arrived by watching our 7,140,286 honeybees.

Our honeybees are the first to notice the blossoms that appear in our Hazelnut trees and Big Leaf Maples; and the daffodils and tulips that grow near the barn. Soon they’ll be foraging for nectar in the flowering cherry, apple and plum orchards.

No one knows terroir like the Rogue Farms Honeybees. The honey they produce is a sampling of all the flavors of the Wigrich Appellation – a unique taste of place.

Taste our place for yourself with Rogue Farms Honey Kolsch, brewed with the honey we grew at our farm in Independence, Oregon. John Maier’s recipe also includes Rogue Farms grown DareTM & RiskTM barley, plus our Alluvial hops. Honey Kolsch will arrive nationwide on draft and in yellow 750 ml bottles June 1st.

Honey Kolsch is made in collaboration with Mother Nature and the Rogue Farms Honeybees.

Rogue Ales & Spirits is an agricultural based brewery with farms in Independence and Tygh Valley, Oregon. We grow more than a dozen ingredients, creating a proprietary palate of flavors of known terroir for Brewmaster John Maier to craft beers and spirits of distinction.

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Saint Arnold Santo now available in 12-packs after World Beer Cup silver medal

BeerNews.org - Tue, 04/15/2014 - 21:28

Press Release: 

(Houston, TX) – Saint Arnold Brewing Company, the oldest craft brewery in Texas, describes Santo as black Kölsch, but an elite international panel of judges considers it a world-class example of American-Style Dark Lager. Over the weekend, Santo earned its second consecutive medal in the American-Style Dark Lager category, this time taking Silver, at the World Beer Cup gala and awards ceremony at the Hyatt Regency Centennial Ballroom in downtown Denver.

This is the 11th World Beer Cup medal won by Saint Arnold Brewing Company. The 10th biannual competition, the 2014 World Beer Cup featured a record 1,447 breweries from 62 countries and nearly 5,000 entries in 94 beer-style categories. It is considered one of the two most prestigious beer competitions in the world along with the Great American Beer Festival. Saint Arnold has been recognized with 18 Great American Beer Festival medals.

Originally released in 2011, Santo has quickly become one of Saint Arnold’s top selling beers. Despite its dark color, Santo maintains the light bodied and floral characteristics of a true Kölsch, even though it has a distinctive dark malt flavor. Saint Arnold uses the same special Kölsch yeast – an ale yeast that ferments at almost lager temperatures – that is used in Saint Arnold Fancy Lawnmower Beer.

“The Santo recipe took the longest to develop – five years – of any beer we’ve released,” said Saint Arnold Founder/Brewer Brock Wagner. “Being recognized for our quality and creativity by the World Beer Cup judges is an affirmation of our mission to consistently brew world class beers.”

Santo is currently available throughout Texas, Louisiana and in parts of Florida and Colorado in 6-packs of 12-ounce bottles and on draft. This week Saint Arnold is introducing 12-packs of Santo.

Santo is brewed using pale two-row and pils malted barley, a dash of malted wheat and an addition of dark malt. Saint Arnold uses Hallertau Hersbrucker hops, added to the brew kettle in four separate cycles to create a delicate flavor and aroma. It has an original gravity of 1.045 (11.4° Plato), bitterness of 15 IBU and alcohol content (by volume) of 4.9 percent.

Also over the weekend, Saint Arnold fielded the second largest team participating in the BP MS 150 with 404 cyclists. The team’s ride from Houston to Austin has raised $265,000 to date for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

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SanTan Brewing signs with Reyes Beverage Group for Southern California distribution

BeerNews.org - Tue, 04/15/2014 - 21:07

Press Release: 

Arizona’s second largest brewery, SanTan Brewing, will introduce their signature beers: Devil’s Ale, HopShock IPA & Mr. Pineapple Wheat Beer to Southern California in April 2014

(Chandler, Arizona) — With plans for southern California distribution in April 2014, SanTan Brewing Company is teaming up with Reyes Beverage Group to introduce its uniquely southwestern style ales including Devil’s Ale, HopShock IPA, Mr. Pineapple Wheat Beer and a SanTan variety pack.

Reyes Beverage Group will play an important role in SanTan’s successful launch into craft beer retail and tap accounts throughout San Diego, Los Angeles and everywhere in between. Reyes Beverage Group California beer distributorships include Crest Beverage in San Diego, Gate City Beverage Distributors in San Bernardino, Allied Beverages in Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties and Harbor Distributing in Orange County and Los Angeles. Their dedication to advancing the craft beer revolution, their craft beer marketing experience and their commitment to excellence are just a few of the many reasons that SanTan Brewing Company is thrilled to announce their partnership.

SanTan Brewing Company founder and brewermaster, Anthony Canecchia, stated, “We believe in true partnerships with friends that are committed to educating, serving and selling craft beer in America. Reyes Beverage Group have undisputedly dedicated their houses to the development of the American craft revolution, which is part of our mission at SanTan Brewing”.

Social media will play a key role in gaining public awareness of the launch. SanTan Brewing has set up a dedicated Facebook page at www.facebook.com/SanTanBrewingCalifornia to keep thirsty fans in SoCal updated on where to find SanTan beers on tap and in cans.

“We are thrilled to bring SanTan to southern California — there’s no better market for great craft beer meant to be paired with great food and conversation. We expect SanTan’s southwestern style ales to be in hot demand and we will ensure the right outlets across southern California have the brewer’s brands stocked,” said Tom Reyes, president of Harbor Distributing.

SanTan Brewing Company is the second largest craft brewery in the state of Arizona and the 14th fastest growing craft brewery in the nation according to the Brewers Association data of 2012. In 2013, SanTan Brewing produced 15,000 barrels of beer, achieving regional brewery market classification as defined by the Brewers Association.

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Texas-based Lakewood Brewing signs distribution deal with Andrews Distributing

BeerNews.org - Tue, 04/15/2014 - 21:02

Press Release: 

(Dallas, TX) – Andrews Distributing Company announced today a new partnership with Lakewood Brewing Company, one of the fastest growing craft breweries in North Texas. The deal will expand the brewery’s reach and brand by harnessing the power of the Andrews marketing expertise and its distributor relationships. The news comes just as the Brewers Association reported U.S. sales of craft beer at $14 billion in 2013, an increase of 20 percent from the previous year.

“Craft beers are a huge part of the explosive growth in the beer industry, and it’s a business driver for us,” said Mike McGuire, president of Andrews Distributing Company. “Our unique approach helps breweries such as Lakewood grow by providing immediate marketing expertise and distribution to retailers and restaurants so they can spend their time perfecting brews. This industry is growing at a stunning pace; we help both sides understand each other to match beers to the right audiences and customers. We also help retailers makes sense of the craft industry and connect them with the right breweries and selections.”

The approach works. Andrews holds a 76 percent North Texas market share in the Specialty and Craft category, which includes Shiner Bock, Blue Moon, Samuel Adams and Fort Worth-based Rahr & Son’s Brewing Company, which has had a 55 percent annual growth rate since 2009 when it began distribution with Andrews.

“We’re proud to be partnering with Andrews Distributing,” said Wim Bens, founder and president of Lakewood Brewing Company, who has been self-distributing since 2012. “Lakewood Brewing and Andrews are both family-owned businesses with an unwavering dedication to quality and customer service. Their expertise in brand building and distribution will allow us to focus on filling the ever- increasing demand for the beer we love to make.”

Andrews has initiated retail account service for Lakewood products this month. Distribution of the full portfolio will begin in May.

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Pint Polypropylene, Autoclave Safe Lab Container - $7.51 + Shipping

Homebrew Finds - Tue, 04/15/2014 - 20:14

These 1 Pint Polypropylene Lab Jars from Bel-Art are selling for $7.51.  That's an 83% discount from list.  Shipping for the first one is a bit pricey at $7.24, but each additional ships for just 95 cents.

Polypropylene, Lab Quality Container. Safe at autoclave temps (up to 121 C, 250 F). I use similar containers to rehydrate yeast. See Tip 1 on the Tips Page for more information on that.
You could use this for... yeast rehydration, yeast washing and slurry storage. Also an easy vessel for making and storing sanitized or sterilized water.
Bel-Art F109130000 Polypropylene Wide Mouth Mason Jar with Polypropylene Screw Closure, Translucent, 1 Pint Capacity, 81mm Diameter x 135mm Height - $7.51 + Shipping

Pinned: *SS Tech Conical *CO2 Charger *NB's Dead Ringer *Vac Sealer *$99.99: Grain Mill
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Green Flash Hop Odyssey series continues with 30th Street Pale Ale

BeerNews.org - Tue, 04/15/2014 - 20:08

(San Diego, CA) – Green Flash Brewing Co. showed off its new Epic Journey series on Tuesday. More below…

In case you haven’t noticed, San Diego and craft beer are kind of a thing. For our 6th Anniversary, we created a beer to acknowledge the synergy behind the bustling craft beer culture along the 30th Street corridor in San Diego’s North Park neighborhood. When we debuted 30th Street Pale Ale (dubbing it “an IPA on any other street”), we reserved it for locals only. Now, our highly bittered and dry-hopped American Pale Ale is part of the national Hop Odyssey series for the second year in a row. This month, you can enjoy 30th Street Pale Ale in 22oz bottles for the very first time, as well as on draft! Grab a bomber for your next bottle share, because this hop-forward pale ale is only around for a limited time. Check your local bottle shop and join us on an epic journey today.

Here at Green Flash, we believe in continuously evolving. This means crafting and sharing unique brews to inspire and awaken your palate. Our Passion for hops presents infinite possibilities. As explorers, we are constantly seeking new hop varieties, fresh combinations and innovative brewing methods to create our Hop Odyssey series. Released over twelve months, these six hoppy adventures are available wherever fine craft beers are sold. This year marks an exciting turn on our voyage as we are releasing Hop Odyssey in 22oz bottles, perfect for sharing with friends along for the adventure! Set sail on an epic journey and Taste Enlightenment today.

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Reserve Du Chateau 55 Pound Wine Kits - Lots of Price Drops & Four New Record Lows

Homebrew Finds - Tue, 04/15/2014 - 20:03

Reserve Du Chateau's line of highly rated Wine Kits includes both 17.5 lb kits and 55 lb kits.  I noticed quite a few price drops on the 55 lb size.  Some of those drops constitute new record low Amazon prices.  All varieties can be found here.  Just pick your desired style from the drop down box.  All ship for free.

Pinot Nero - was $90.57, now $71.32 - new record low
California Coastal Cabernet - was $90.57, now $74.17 - new record low
Chilean Cabernet Merlot - was $90.57, now $76.59
Italian Amarone Style - was $90.57, now $76.85 - new record low
Australian Riesling - was $87.08, now $73.55
BC Style Merlot - was $90.57, now $77.07
South African Sauvignon - was $87.08, now $74.78South African Pinotage - was $90.57, now $78.48Australian Shiraz - was $90.57, now $79.68Italian Pinot Grigio - was $87.08, now $76.24 - new record lowItalian Prosecco - was $87.08, now $76.57German Gewurztraminer - was $87.08, now $76.97California Chardonnay - was $87.08, now $78.10Chilean Chardonnay - was $87.08, now $78.95Italian Barbaresco - was $90.57, now $83.53
Check them out - Here - use the style drop down box to view the styles you're considering
Reserve Du Chateau 6 Week Wine Kit, Italian Amarone Style, 55-Pound Container - $78.16 Shipped

Pinned: *SS Tech Conical *CO2 Charger *NB's Dead Ringer *Vac Sealer *$99.99: Grain Mill
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Firestone Walker’s Barrelworks Li’l Opal to be released on April 19th

BeerNews.org - Tue, 04/15/2014 - 18:36

Press Release: 

Brett’d Barrel-Aged Saison Set for Limited Bottle Release on April 19

(Buellton, CA) — In the beginning, there was Lil Opal, an illicit “brett’d saison” that spawned a rogue family of barrel-aged wild yeast beers. As the family grew large and unruly, Firestone Walker Brewing Company was ultimately compelled to build them a home called Barrelworks.

Now, Barrelworks comes full circle with the upcoming limited release of 2014 Lil Opal in 375ml bottles—the first time the beer has been captured in bottles since it was first created eight years ago.

The 2014 Lil Opal bottles will be released at the “Flight of The Opals” open house at Barrelworks on April 19 (see below for event details). The 2014 Lil Opal bottles will thereafter be available for a limited time at Barrelworks and the brewery in Paso Robles. Only 750 cases were produced.

Lil Opal was originally created when master blender, then quality control manager, Jim “Sour Jim” Crooks peeled away from his regular brewery duties and began aging wild yeast (a.k.a. sour) beers in Viognier barrels acquired from local wineries. He squirreled away four barrels of a one-off saison in a back warehouse and covered them with a tarp, where they sat for two years.

“Over time, the beer picked up all of these amazing oaky vanilla flavors, but it was still light and snappy.” Crooks said. “The brettanomyces yeast had preserved the beer, so it was still quite alive, with no oxidation. I was blown away.”

Thus Lil Opal was born, and Firestone Walker’s wild yeast beer program began to take off. Today, the program has grown to more than 700 barrels stacked to the ceiling of Barrelworks. Lil Opal is also the inspiration behind Opal, a stainless-brewed farmhouse saison that became a year-round release starting in March.

Said Barrelworks Director Jeffers Richardson, “Lil Opal, our second bottled offering of 2014, is a brett’d saison released in the spring to celebrate the vernal season. This vintage release was aged for 14 months in French and American oak barrels. The maturation time expresses Lil Opal’s oak signature; refines both the spicy and fruity yeast notes; and refreshes the palate with a soft, light acidity.”

2014 Lil Opal – Blended by Barrelworks Director Jeffers Richardson and Master Blender Jim Crooks

Maturation: 14 months in French (75%) and American oak (25%) barrels
ABV: 5.9%
IBU: 11
Color: 4.8 SRM
pH: 3.9
T.A.: 4.1 g/L
Flora: Brettanomyces Lambicus, Lactobacillus Brevis
Price: $13.99 / 375ml Bottle
Availability: Only at Barrelworks and the Paso Robles brewery

Flight of The Opals on April 19 @ Firestone Walker’s Barrelworks

Come out to Barrelworks anytime between noon and 7 p.m. to enjoy a “Flight of The Opals,” which includes tastes of 2014 Lil Opal, 2013 Lil Opal and Sour Opal. No tickets necessary, just come on out. Limited purchases of 2014 Lil Opal will be available. Lil Opal will also be available for purchase at the Paso Robles brewery starting on April 21.

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Anderson Valley The Kimmie The Yink and The Holy Gose Ale coming soon

BeerNews.org - Tue, 04/15/2014 - 18:28

(Boonville, CA) – Anderson Valley Brewing Co. shared some news on an upcoming beer, The Kimmie The Yink and The Holy Gose Ale, hitting cans. More below…

Originating in the town of Goslar, Germany in the early 16th century, the Gose style (pronounced “Go-zuh”) was traditionally brewed using salted water and 50% malted wheat and was spiced with coriander and hops. It was fermented with both traditional yeast and lactic bacteria, giving it a slight tartness, similar to that of a Berliner Weisse. The brewing of Gose eventually migrated to Leipzig, Germany by the turn of the 18th century and became the most popular style in the region by 1900, only to virtually disappear after World War II brought destruction to the breweries and hard economic times.

With a bright, golden color and tight creamy head, the earthy wood undertones in our Gose develop into a light mineral aroma with a hint of lemon zest and tropical fruit. Before boiling, the wort is kettle soured with lactobacillus, imparting an initial refreshing tartness that gives way to a subtle fullness. Flavors of guava and peach are followed by a slight sea salt dryness and lemon sourness that is enhanced by coriander and post-fermentation additions of salt. The finish is dry, effervescent, and lemon tangy, reminiscent of a fresh sea breeze.

Smoked Salmon, Oysters,
Pad Thai, Bitter Greens
(Arugula, Mizuna)

Stange, Pint glass


Pale Two-Row,
Cara-Crystal Wheat


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Alpine Beer update: gluten statement, Babyface, Ales for ALS, Ugly, Token, Keene Idea

BeerNews.org - Tue, 04/15/2014 - 17:48

(San Diego, CA) – The latest from Alpine Beer Company, courtesy of Tuesday’s email newsletter…

For those that received the last newsletter you may remember the bit about the g l u t e n. Well, it seems TTB took great offense to what I wrote and issued a lawyered-up, four page letter citing three specific violations of their Amended Interim Act regarding said ingredient. You see, I didn’t include the following mandatory paragraph:

“Product fermented from grains containing gluten and [processed or treated or crafted] to remove gluten. The gluten content of this product cannot be verified, and this product may contain gluten.”

The TTB (Tax and Trade Bureau), which regulates alcohol related businesses on the federal level, issued the letter and it was delivered 6 days after the initial posting. This is the same agency that took 8 months to approve the keg collars we are using for the Green Flash contract. The Same agency that still doesn’t want us to us our “Incorporated” license number over 2 years after we incorporated. The only approved gluten test for alcohol actually tests for gliadin which is a protein found in gluten. It consists of half of the whole gluten protein. Because it’s not a test for the whole gluten molecule TTB isn’t considering it testing for gluten, although the American Society of Brewing Chemists have deemed the test worthy.

So, I apologize for any misleading or damaging information I gave you regarding said ingredient and hope to never make such a mistake in the future.

We have our regular lineup plus “Ugly” and “Token” which are available in the pub and for growler fills as well as some fresh “Nelson.” The end of May will be our next opportunity to tickle your taste buds with “Keene Idea” and “San Diego Surprise.”

This Thursday, April 17, a new beer will be unleashed upon the masses. It’s diminutive at 4.7% abv but carries around a violin case full of hoppy aroma. “Babyface” will be available for growler fills and on draft in the pub. Yes, it is a smaller version of “Nelson” in that it has a handsome helping of rye and a generous dose of Nelson Sauvin hops. Our hope is we can sell this because the new Session IPA by Miller/Coors could bump us right off the planet. Please help.

The pub will be closed this Sunday, April 20, due to a holiday. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s Easter Sunday or some other celebrity birthday like Bob Marley but just the same, we will be closed. The brewery won’t be open either as it is always closed Sundays and Mondays.

We are participating in a fundraising event call “Ales for ALS.” We are making a special beer using specially selected hops by Vinnie and Matt so we are hopeful of creating another stellar IPA like ale. Money from the sale of the beer will go to fighting Lou Gehrig’s disease.

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Keep Calm and Have a Beer Poster - $4.38 Shipped

Homebrew Finds - Tue, 04/15/2014 - 11:57

List price on this poster is $6.99.  It's marked down to 39 cents.  Shipping is $3.99.  We've featured this a few times in the past.  The current total price, shipped, of $4.38 is the lowest price we've seen on this poster by 14 cents.

GB Eye Keep Calm Beer Poster - 39 cents + $3.99 Shipping

Pinned: *SS Tech Conical *CO2 Charger *NB's Dead Ringer *Vac Sealer *$99.99: Grain Mill

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1 Gallon Brew Day Pitcher - Review
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Northern Brewer's Dead Ringer IPA Kit

Homebrew Finds - Tue, 04/15/2014 - 11:46

Dead Ringer IPA is Northern Brewer's Top Selling Recipe.  This recipe is based on a beer from Bell's Brewery that rhymes with Three Hearted Ale :).  It features Centennial from beginning to end.  In all three versions - extract, 1 gallon extract and all grain - are available.  I count a total of 245 reviews across all versions.  Those reviews are either all five star or so close that they average out to five star.

Check out all three versions - Here

Bundles With$7.99 Flat Rate Shipping

Tip: Save money by taking advantage of flat rate shipping.  All recipe kits and many other items ship for free under Northern Brewer's Flat Rate Shipping.

Pinned: *SS Tech Conical *CO2 Charger *8 Gal Kettle *Vac Sealer *$99.99: Grain Mill

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More Beer: 1/2" MPT Dial Kettle Thermometer - $29.95

Homebrew Finds - Tue, 04/15/2014 - 09:12
Product Description - Here  Use coupon code BEERDEAL to get this discount.
Thermometer (3'' Face x 2" Probe) MT502 - $29.95 + Free Shipping with $59 Order
Availability: This is a More Beer Deal of the Day.  Quantities are limited. Check the Deal of the Day section Here - to see if this is still available.
Pinned: *SS Tech Conical *CO2 Charger *8 Gal Kettle *Vac Sealer *$99.99: Grain Mill

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Portable Serving: Handheld CO2 Keg Charger - $12 Shipped

Homebrew Finds - Tue, 04/15/2014 - 08:49
Handheld CO2 Cornelius Keg Charger for $12.  Shipping is free.  Use this to dispense your keg on the go.  Use short bursts as needed.  This is a great deal.  This is the lowest price that I can recall, including shipping, for a handheld CO2 Charger.

Co2 Cornelius Keg Charger - $12 + Free Shipping
Pinned: *SS Tech Conical *Rhizomes *8 Gal Kettle *Vac Sealer *$99.99: Grain Mill

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Stainless Insulated Growler - Review
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Reader Tip: 'Ove Glove (for Minding Yeast Starters) - $6.08 Shipped

Homebrew Finds - Tue, 04/15/2014 - 07:42
Thanks to HBF Reader David for this tip!
At $6.08 shipped, this is the (new) lowest price we've seen on The Ove Glove.  We did have this for a bit less at $5.90 back in January of 2013, but that didn't really include shipping... that offering shipped as an add on item.I use an Ove Glove when I'm making yeast starters in an Erlenmeyer Flask.  It's really handy (pun intended) to swirl around the flask or to quickly remove to keep the flask from boiling over.

These are also handy on brew day for handling hot (but not wet) ball valves and such.

Before someone brings this up: These are not waterproof. Along those lines, I wouldn't suggest that you stick your hand in hot wort with one of these on. Or, without one of these on for that matter. I guess the take away here is... don't stick your hand in hot wort. :)

Joseph Enterprises HH501-18 Ove Glove - As Seen On TV - $6.60 + Free Shipping

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75+ new beers added from Stone, Firestone Walker, Anchor, Rogue, Brooklyn and more

BeerNews.org - Tue, 04/15/2014 - 06:18

75+ new beers added from Stone, Firestone Walker, Anchor, Rogue, Odell, Saranac, Harpoon, Long Trail, Flying Dog, Boulevard, Brooklyn, Widmer Brothers & more.

Check them out here.

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Digital Relativity develops BeerMappr to help breweries discover where there beer goes

BeerNews.org - Tue, 04/15/2014 - 05:58

Sponsored Press Release: 

(Fayetteville, WV) – A WV company has developed a digital tool to even the marketing playing field for beer breweries nationwide.

The new service, BeerMappr, is the first affordable option for breweries to find out where their beers are distributed, basic information many breweries still don’t have access to. BeerMappr also generates an interactive map for them to share with customers.

“I have heard multiple brewers answer the question, ‘Where can I buy your beer?’ with, ‘I’m not sure, but if you see it somewhere, let us know where you found it!’ ” said Pat Strader, an owner at Digital Relativity. “We are marketers, and also craft beer lovers. So this can help fuel our own passion for finding great craft beer.”

The current challenge for brewers is this: the 3-tiered system (breweries sell to wholesale distributors, who then sell to retailers, who then sell to the public) takes away the control of distribution from the creators of the beer. They often have no say in where it ends up, and most don’t even have a clue where their handiwork is heading.

“BeerMappr will make use of data that is normally locked away in hard-to-read reports, turning that into usable information that can connect customers with breweries,” said Martin Bowling, a developer from Digital Relativity, which created the service.

Depending on the state, laws can make it especially hard, restricting brewers from marketing their own product at particular retailers. That’s supposed to be a distributor’s job, but larger breweries are often the ones distributors choose to spend their advertising dollars on.

The map BeerMappr creates shows all sales locations with no favoritism, which makes it one of few legal marketing tools brewers have to help customers find their beers. And, it’s less than a quarter of the market price for similar services.

“BeerMappr is a pet project I’ve been very anxious to get out in the wild,” Bowling said. “Working with and being a lover of some of the great smaller breweries, I want to help them connect with others who love their beer. I want to see them empowered by their data.”

Bridge Brew Works has already begun using the BeerMappr service, and getting some social media attention for it. All they have to do is upload their depletion reports to generate their map.

“We hope to add more reports and tools to help brewers understand how their beer is being distributed,” Martin said. “Things like social media integration that will alert users when new data is added. We’ll be using feedback from brewers and users to continue to build the service.”

Digital Relativity is debuting BeerMappr at the Craft Brewers Conference, currently taking place in Denver.

Bowling said he hopes the tool will help drive passionate customers to their favorite breweries. The real end game, he said, is clear:

“I want breweries to have to make more beer.”

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