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Reader Photo: Rival Vacuum Sealer – $27.99

Homebrew Finds - Wed, 09/03/2014 - 17:05

Thanks to Google+ Friend Eric for this photo!  Connect with HBF on Google+ - Here

Eric says… “And just like that, my vacuum sealer has (almost) paid for itself.”

This highly rated Rival Vacuum Sealer has recently sold for as much as $73.95.  It’s down to $27.99.  The combo includes a starter selection of vacuum bags.  It ships free with Prime or with a qualifying $35 order.

Why would you want a Vacuum Sealer for homebrewing?
Vacuum sealers are indispensable for storing hops. You can save money by getting in on bulk hop buys. Use your vacuum sealer to break these up and to preserve freshness.  Other uses include: storing base grains, partial dry yeast packs and storing and preserving other beer ingredients.

Rival FSFGSL0150-015 3 Step Vacuum Sealer w/ Bag Starter Kit - $27.99 + Free Shipping with $35 order - Filler Items

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Set of 2 Spiegelau Pilsner Glasses… $9.99… Shipped

Homebrew Finds - Wed, 09/03/2014 - 16:22

This set of 2 Spiegelau Pilsner Glasses is selling for $29.99.  The folks over at kegerator.com, would like to say howdy-hey to you, the venerable Homebrew Finds Reader, so… apply promo code EXCLUSIVE at checkout and the price drops by $20 to $9.99… Shipped.  For comparison, this beats the record low Amazon price by $9.89 and includes free shipping.  Quantities are limited.

Check it out – Here

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Anchor’s BigLeaf Maple Autumn Red Returns For Fall

Brookston Beer Bulletin - Wed, 09/03/2014 - 15:44
BigLeaf Maple Autumn Red, Anchor Brewing‘s fall seasonal, is back on store shelves and on draft in bars from now until the end of October. This is just the second year for the 6% a.b.v. red ale, which debuted last fall. The beer uses a “unique blend of hops — Nelson Sauvin, Citra, and...

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Popular Is As Popular Does

Brookston Beer Bulletin - Wed, 09/03/2014 - 10:28
A variation of “stupid is as stupid does,” either works, as far as I’m concerned. Because this is a stupid type of study that keeps going around and pretending to be scientific and valuable, of which it appears to be neither. The latest one of these, entitled Beverage- and...

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BYO 250 Clone Recipes – $7.95 + Commercial Replication Resource Roundup

Homebrew Finds - Wed, 09/03/2014 - 09:54

Product Description - Here. Use coupon code BEERDEAL to get this discount.

Brew Your Own Magazine – 250 Classic Clone Recipes MAG300 – $7.95 + Free Shipping with $59 Order

Availability: This is a More Beer Deal of the Day. Quantities are limited. Check the Deal of the Day section Here - to see if this is still available.

Commercial Beer Replication & Clone Recipes:

• More Beer’s BrewMaster Series of Kits - All Grain - Extract - These are collaborations directly with brewers.  They are the actual recipe.  Includes some great selections including Pliny (one of the best beers to come out of my home brewery- See Brewing Pliny), Firestone Walker Pale 31, Firestone Walker Double Barrel IPA and lots more.  Bundles With Free Shipping

• Northern Brewer’s Pro Series Kits - All Grain and Extract - Northern Brewer has worked with some great craft breweries to bring you Surly: Furious, Cynic, Bitter Brewer, Bender, Tall Grass: Velvet Rooster, Halcyon, Buffalo Sweat, Oasis Town Hall: 1800 Historic IPA, Hope and King Scotch Ale, Lakefront: Fixed Gear, Organic ESB, IBA, Bridge Burner, Dry Dock: SS Minnow Mild, Breakwater Pale Ale,  and more.  Bundles With Flat Rate Shipping 

• Midwest Brewer’s Collection - a small selection of beer’s, including but not limited to Harriet’s Belgian IPA and a Surly Furious clone kit.  This landing page is for extract kits, but most have all grain counterparts.  Look under recommended products section of each extract kit to see if an all grain version is available.  Bundles with Midwest Supplies’ current (limited time) Free Shipping Promo.  That arguably amazing offer also works on heavy glass items including Glass Big Mouth Bubbler FermentersGlass Carboys and Bottles.

• Adventures in Homebrewing’s Clone Selection - includes Arrogant Bastard, Sierra Nevada Torpedo, Pliny, Chimay Red, Short’s Brewing Soft Parade, Fat Tire, SNPA, Pliny the Elder, Oberon, Two Hearted, Hopslam, Racer 5, Newcastle, The Dark Lord and a more.

• Rogue Brewing Extract Kits - Brutal IPA, Hazel Nut Brown, Shakespeare Stout and Dead Guy Ale.  Alternate Source

• Craft Beer for the Homebrewer - Craft Beer for the Homebrewer contains a bunch of great craft beer recipes including one for 8 Bit Pale Ale from Tallgrass Brewing Company One of my favorite beers.  Recipes Include: 8 Bit Pale Ale, Capt’n Crompton’s Pale Ale, Elevated IPA, Furious, Hop Stoopid, Maharaja, Spiral Jetty, Thrust!, Watershed IPA, Buffalo Sweat, La Cumbre Malpais Stout, Smoke, Snowstorm 2009, Bittersweet Lenny’s RIPA, Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’, Rugbrod, Wiley’s Rye Ale, Allagash Black, Curieux, Matacabras, Funkwerks Saison, Avery Brewing Salvation, Red Eye Brewing Scarlet 7, Saison Rue, Odell Brewing 90 Shilling Ale, Rogue Dead Guy Ale, El Lector from Cigar City Brewing, Rogue Hazelnute Brown Nectar, Hellion, Ill-Tempered Gnome from Oakshire Brewing, Marble Brewery’s Imperial Red Ale, Kolsch 151 from Blue Mountain Brewer, Stone Levitation, Troegs Brewing Nugget Nectar and Xenu from Cigar City Brewing.

• Clone Brews, 2nd Edition: Recipes for 200 Brand-Name Beers

 Great Fermentations has a number of commercial replications, including beers similar to Fat Tire, Founder’s All Day IPA, Two Hearted, Zombie Dust, Gumball Head and 60 Minute IPA.  Recipes are available in all grain and extract.

• RiteBrew has several clone kits including… New Glarus Spotted Cow, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Full Sail Amber, Moose Drool, Guinness and Boston Lager

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Ends Soon: $50 Off Heavy Duty Kettles w/Ball Valve & Thermometer

Homebrew Finds - Wed, 09/03/2014 - 08:19

Take $50 Off Midwest Supplies full line of Heavy Duty Kettles with Ball Valves and Thermometers when you use promo/coupon code HEAVYDEAL.

Check out the full details and selection - Here

This bundles with Midwest Supplies’ Great Free Shipping Promo.  Under that promo many items (including cases of bottles) ship for free with a $59 order.

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Beer In Ads #1301: Thanks A Million!

Brookston Beer Bulletin - Tue, 09/02/2014 - 21:53
Tuesday’s ad is yet another one from the United Brewers Industrial Foundation, again from 1939. This was well before the “Beer Belongs” series, and just before World War II. The worker, the taxman and the farmer are all saying “Thanks a Million!” for the over one...

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24″ Stainless Brewer’s Whisk – Extract, All Grain and Whirlpooling – $12.50 Shipped

Homebrew Finds - Tue, 09/02/2014 - 20:37

This is a great piece of equipment.  Check out my hands on review Here

This whisk is great for: 1.  Stirring in extract.  It easily breaks up clumps, 2.  Stirring the mash and 3.  Starting a whirlpool.  If you’re a homebrewer, I think you should consider owning one of these babies.

Update International FW-24 Stainless Steel French Whip, 24-Inch - $12.50 + Free Shipping


HBF Reader Feedback…

Jared: After following your site for quite some time now, and purchasing many items because you let me know about them, I just received the 24″ whisk. I can’t believe how awesome this thing is just by pulling it out of the shipping package! I am so excited about this I might just have to brew this weekend even though I don’t really have the time. Not only would this piece be awesome for the mash, but dissolving LME and DME and keep it off of the bottom. What a great piece of equipment and thanks for sharing it!

Aaron: I have this exact same French Whip and love it, works way better than the old mash paddle I used before. It really cuts through the grain and helps ensure no dough balls etc. Definitely recommend this above any other stirring tools I’ve used!

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9/2/14 Only: 10% Off @ Midwest Supplies + Free Shipping

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Blichmann G2… Shipping Update + Shopping Tip

Homebrew Finds - Tue, 09/02/2014 - 12:13

On the 26th of August I ordered a new Blichmann BoilerMaker G2 for my home brewery.  I have two G1 Kettles that I’ve been very pleased with.  I’m excited to put the G2 to work.

The recently announced G2 Kettle is available in 7.510152030 and 55 gallon sizes.  The BoilerMaker G2 is designed and manufactured in the US.  It includes a Site Glass w/Laser Etched Volume Markers, Adjustable Angle BrewMometer Thermometer, Linear Flow Valve (think ball valve only better?) and tool-less dip tube.  The G2 also features a 1.2 height to diameter ratio.

I had a chance to see John Blichmann do a demonstration at NHC and one thing that came through is his passion for homebrewing and homebrewers.  He started building this gear because… he’s a homebrewer.  This translates into a bunch of well thought out features that are designed with the homebrewer in mind… the valve now features a cool touch silicone handle, the finish is not brushed to hide finger prints, the lid can be stored on the kettle, the handle and the valve can now be oriented in any direction and… more.

Shipping Update:  For those of you that have been considering one of these and are wondering about shipping speed.  I ordered my 10 gallon on the afternoon of August 26.  I received an email, today, almost exactly 7 days (to the minute) later saying that it has shipped.  Of course, no guarantees yours will ship in that amount of time, but it does indicate that Blichmann is generally staying on top of orders.

Shopping Tip:  Blichmann gear is generally price controlled.  That means it’s going to be about the same price no matter where you get it.  AIH offers the equivalent of 5% back via their rewards program.  They are also offering free shipping.

Check it out: 7.510152030 and 55 gallon sizes - Full Line

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9/2/14 Only: 10% Off @ Midwest Supplies + Free Shipping

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After Labor Day Sale… The Brew Bag – Purpose Designed BIAB

Homebrew Finds - Tue, 09/02/2014 - 11:08

The Brew Bag is a Made in the USA, purpose designed BIAB bag.  It has four loops for lifting the bag out of your kettle, every seam is reinforced for long life and it is available in a number of sizes for kettles, keggles and coolers.  If they don’t carry the size you want, The Brew Bag will custom make it for you.

I used The Brew Bag when I recently brewed the all grain version of 1 Hr IPA from Great Fermentations.  Very impressed with the features and quality.  Check out my First Looks Post.

Check it out - Here

After Labor Day Sale:
The Brew Bag has an “After Labor Day Sale” going on today.  That gets you 10% Off The Brew Bag for Kettles and Keggles…

Promo/Coupon code TDNA875RGI9D takes 10% Off The Brew Bag for Keggles
Promo/Coupon Code 2DFA8LJ505SX takes 10% Off The Brew Bag for Kettles

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9/2/14 Only: 10% Off @ Midwest Supplies + Free Shipping

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Bagby Beer Almost Open

Brookston Beer Bulletin - Tue, 09/02/2014 - 09:56
A little over a week ago I was in San Diego to take part on a panel at the Beer Bloggers Conference. After my participation was over, I was keen to see the progress Jeff and Dande Bagby were making on their new brewery, Bagby Beer Co., so I drove out to Oceanside to see […] The post Bagby...

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Traceable Digital Thermometer from Thomas Scientific – $13.79, New Record Low

Homebrew Finds - Tue, 09/02/2014 - 08:10

This traceable digital thermometer from Thomas Scientific has recently sold for as much as $36.64.  It’s down to a new record low Amazon price of $13.79.  Shipping is free with Prime or a qualifying $35 order.

Product Description: The Thomas Traceable Flip-Stick Thermometer measures temperature in liquids and semisolids in laboratories, industrial settings, and food service. The thermometer measures temperature from -50 to 300 degrees C (-58 to 572 degrees F), with an accuracy of + or – 1 degree C between -20 and 100 degrees C. Its 4.5″ stainless-steel probe is resistant to most laboratory chemicals. The probe flips out from the base and can be aligned at any angle. The LCD display has 3/4″ high digits. The thermometer has minimum/maximum temperature memory for monitoring the consistency of temperatures. A hold function allows measurements to be kept on the screen for viewing. The thermometer is drop-proof from up to 5 ft. The thermometer is traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology standards, indicating that it is calibrated to International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 17025 levels. This Thomas thermometer is used to monitor temperature in liquids and semisolids in laboratories, food service, and industrial settings.

Thomas Traceable Flip-Stick Thermometer, 4.5″ Stem, -58 to 572 degree F, -50 to 300 degree C – $13.79 + Free Shipping with $35 order

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