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Northern Brewer's Dead Ringer IPA Kit

Homebrew Finds - Tue, 04/15/2014 - 11:46

Dead Ringer IPA is Northern Brewer's Top Selling Recipe.  This recipe is based on a beer from Bell's Brewery that rhymes with Three Hearted Ale :).  It features Centennial from beginning to end.  In all three versions - extract, 1 gallon extract and all grain - are available.  I count a total of 245 reviews across all versions.  Those reviews are either all five star or so close that they average out to five star.

Check out all three versions - Here

Bundles With$7.99 Flat Rate Shipping

Tip: Save money by taking advantage of flat rate shipping.  All recipe kits and many other items ship for free under Northern Brewer's Flat Rate Shipping.

Pinned: *SS Tech Conical *CO2 Charger *8 Gal Kettle *Vac Sealer *$99.99: Grain Mill

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More Beer: 1/2" MPT Dial Kettle Thermometer - $29.95

Homebrew Finds - Tue, 04/15/2014 - 09:12
Product Description - Here  Use coupon code BEERDEAL to get this discount.
Thermometer (3'' Face x 2" Probe) MT502 - $29.95 + Free Shipping with $59 Order
Availability: This is a More Beer Deal of the Day.  Quantities are limited. Check the Deal of the Day section Here - to see if this is still available.
Pinned: *SS Tech Conical *CO2 Charger *8 Gal Kettle *Vac Sealer *$99.99: Grain Mill

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Portable Serving: Handheld CO2 Keg Charger - $12 Shipped

Homebrew Finds - Tue, 04/15/2014 - 08:49
Handheld CO2 Cornelius Keg Charger for $12.  Shipping is free.  Use this to dispense your keg on the go.  Use short bursts as needed.  This is a great deal.  This is the lowest price that I can recall, including shipping, for a handheld CO2 Charger.

Co2 Cornelius Keg Charger - $12 + Free Shipping
Pinned: *SS Tech Conical *Rhizomes *8 Gal Kettle *Vac Sealer *$99.99: Grain Mill

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Stainless Insulated Growler - Review
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Reader Tip: 'Ove Glove (for Minding Yeast Starters) - $6.08 Shipped

Homebrew Finds - Tue, 04/15/2014 - 07:42
Thanks to HBF Reader David for this tip!
At $6.08 shipped, this is the (new) lowest price we've seen on The Ove Glove.  We did have this for a bit less at $5.90 back in January of 2013, but that didn't really include shipping... that offering shipped as an add on item.I use an Ove Glove when I'm making yeast starters in an Erlenmeyer Flask.  It's really handy (pun intended) to swirl around the flask or to quickly remove to keep the flask from boiling over.

These are also handy on brew day for handling hot (but not wet) ball valves and such.

Before someone brings this up: These are not waterproof. Along those lines, I wouldn't suggest that you stick your hand in hot wort with one of these on. Or, without one of these on for that matter. I guess the take away here is... don't stick your hand in hot wort. :)

Joseph Enterprises HH501-18 Ove Glove - As Seen On TV - $6.60 + Free Shipping

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Pinned: *SS Tech Conical *Rhizomes *8 Gal Kettle *Vac Sealer *$99.99: Grain Mill

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75+ new beers added from Stone, Firestone Walker, Anchor, Rogue, Brooklyn and more

BeerNews.org - Tue, 04/15/2014 - 06:18

75+ new beers added from Stone, Firestone Walker, Anchor, Rogue, Odell, Saranac, Harpoon, Long Trail, Flying Dog, Boulevard, Brooklyn, Widmer Brothers & more.

Check them out here.

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Digital Relativity develops BeerMappr to help breweries discover where there beer goes

BeerNews.org - Tue, 04/15/2014 - 05:58

Sponsored Press Release: 

(Fayetteville, WV) – A WV company has developed a digital tool to even the marketing playing field for beer breweries nationwide.

The new service, BeerMappr, is the first affordable option for breweries to find out where their beers are distributed, basic information many breweries still don’t have access to. BeerMappr also generates an interactive map for them to share with customers.

“I have heard multiple brewers answer the question, ‘Where can I buy your beer?’ with, ‘I’m not sure, but if you see it somewhere, let us know where you found it!’ ” said Pat Strader, an owner at Digital Relativity. “We are marketers, and also craft beer lovers. So this can help fuel our own passion for finding great craft beer.”

The current challenge for brewers is this: the 3-tiered system (breweries sell to wholesale distributors, who then sell to retailers, who then sell to the public) takes away the control of distribution from the creators of the beer. They often have no say in where it ends up, and most don’t even have a clue where their handiwork is heading.

“BeerMappr will make use of data that is normally locked away in hard-to-read reports, turning that into usable information that can connect customers with breweries,” said Martin Bowling, a developer from Digital Relativity, which created the service.

Depending on the state, laws can make it especially hard, restricting brewers from marketing their own product at particular retailers. That’s supposed to be a distributor’s job, but larger breweries are often the ones distributors choose to spend their advertising dollars on.

The map BeerMappr creates shows all sales locations with no favoritism, which makes it one of few legal marketing tools brewers have to help customers find their beers. And, it’s less than a quarter of the market price for similar services.

“BeerMappr is a pet project I’ve been very anxious to get out in the wild,” Bowling said. “Working with and being a lover of some of the great smaller breweries, I want to help them connect with others who love their beer. I want to see them empowered by their data.”

Bridge Brew Works has already begun using the BeerMappr service, and getting some social media attention for it. All they have to do is upload their depletion reports to generate their map.

“We hope to add more reports and tools to help brewers understand how their beer is being distributed,” Martin said. “Things like social media integration that will alert users when new data is added. We’ll be using feedback from brewers and users to continue to build the service.”

Digital Relativity is debuting BeerMappr at the Craft Brewers Conference, currently taking place in Denver.

Bowling said he hopes the tool will help drive passionate customers to their favorite breweries. The real end game, he said, is clear:

“I want breweries to have to make more beer.”

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Miller High Life returns to national spotlight with new ‘I Am Rich’ campaign (video)

BeerNews.org - Tue, 04/15/2014 - 04:49


Press Release: 

(Milwaukee, WI) – The Champagne of Beers is returning to the national stage with the debut of television and print advertising, increased digital and social media engagement and limited-edition packaging to help legal age beer drinkers discover their own “Pursuit of the High Life.”

With a new campaign called “I Am Rich,” the iconic beer, first brewed in 1903, spotlights what matters most to today’s millennial beer drinker. Miller High Life will showcase that richness is about how you live your life, not how much money you accumulate.

“For more than 110 years, Miller High Life has proudly supported the search for what is genuine and authentic in our lives,” said Amanda Devore Moehr, marketing manager for Miller High Life. “The new campaign extends this concept to connect with legal age beer drinkers, toasting them with the Champagne of Beers as they celebrate the richness in their lives.”

High Life returns to television this month for the first time since 2012 with the debut of two national spots created by Publicis Group’s Leo Burnett/Arc. Shot in black and white on 35mm film, the new spots show normal people enjoying daily pleasures while an ironic voiceover compares these pleasures to high-cost luxuries such as yachts, country clubs and penthouses.

In addition to television, the brand is using other media to amplify the “I’m Rich” message. Print advertising will appear in popular publications including “Rolling Stone” and “Vice”. Miller High Life also will extend conversations socially with the re-launch of its @MillerHighLife Twitter handle and connect with legal age drinkers through Facebook.

Miller High Life is also celebrating its iconic Milwaukee neighbor, Harley-Davidson, by partnering with five artists known for their innovative and distinct styles to design limited-edition packaging. Designs by the artists will be featured on High Life cans and secondary packaging. Further, High Life will be giving consumers the chance to win a custom Harley-Davidson bike, as well as limited-edition posters and custom leather jackets to legal-drinking-age consumers throughout the year. Harley-Davidson and Miller High Life were founded in the same year, and through their 110-plus year history, few brands can claim the authenticity and heritage of these two American icons.

Miller High Life is also raising a glass to those who make the American “Pursuit” possible by supporting the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) in 2014. The brand will be donating a customized Harley-Davidson bike to IAVA for an auction, with proceeds benefiting the IAVA.


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Beer In Ads #1161: Beer With The High I.Q.

Brookston Beer Bulletin - Mon, 04/14/2014 - 22:08
Monday’s ad is for Acme Beer, from maybe the 1940s or 50s. I assume the model is a famous actress, but I confess I don’t recognize her. The somewhat wieldy bit of the ad copy is that “I.Q.” stands for “It Quenches.” How exactly does a beer have a “high it...

[[Click through to the Bulletin for full content]]
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The Kettle & Stone Brewing Co. to change name after alleged ultimatum from Stone Brewing Co.

BeerNews.org - Mon, 04/14/2014 - 20:12

The bottles of Kettle and Stone beer and the listings at the brewery’s Gunbarrel tap room name each ingredient so customers know what they’re putting in their bodies. And the brewery name was chosen to evoke the most basic elements of brewing — the brew kettle and the millstone. But now the 10-month-old brewery will be changing its name after Escondido, Calif.-based Stone Brewing Co. gave it a difficult choice: change the name or agree not to expand.

More >> Boulder Daily Camera.

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Back in Stock - Grain Storage: Gamma Seal Lid + 6 Gallon Bucket - $13.95

Homebrew Finds - Mon, 04/14/2014 - 19:42
These have been out of stock.  I just noticed... they're back.  Consider shipping, I think this is a great deal.  I've purchased several sets of these myself.  Check out my Hands on Review.

I store most of my grain in 5 or 6 gallon buckets with Gamma Seal Lids.  For recipe kits, I'll store the whole kit (minus yeast and hops) in it's own bucket.  Gamma Lids come with two parts.  An outer ring and an inner spin off lid.  The outer ring stays installed while the inner lid unscrews for quick and easy access to contents.  The whole thing provides and airtight seal.  You get the an airtight seal, with easy access - no prying off lids.

A 5 gallon bucket can hold about 25 lbs.  So two 5 gallon buckets equals about a bag of grain.  Two size gallon buckets have an approximate capacity of 60 lbs. 

This 6 gallon bucket and Gamma Seal Lid combo from Emergency Essentials sells for $13.95.  The best part of it is the $6 to $12 shipping charge.  You'll pay no more than $12 shipping.  The $6 shipping fee tops out at 4 bucket/Gamma Lid combos.  $9 ships up to 8 sets.  $12 ships 9 sets all the way up to 30 sets.  Typically buckets are very expensive to ship because of their size.

6 Gallon Bucket with White Gamma Seal Lid - $13.95

The Gamma Seal Lid, White - $8.74 + Free Shipping with $35 order - Filler Items

Pinned: *SS Tech Conical *Rhizomes *8 Gal Kettle *Vac Sealer *$99.99: Grain Mill

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    (6) 5 Gallon Nylon Bags for Small Batch BIAB - $1.66 per Bag Shipped

    Homebrew Finds - Mon, 04/14/2014 - 19:36

    I use similar bags for small batch BIAB brews.  I typically say that going all grain using this technique (for an existing extract brewer) costs about $4 because the bags usually cost about $4.  With this deal, you get 6 bags for $9.95... shipped.  As a bonus the product description hints at these being food safe "strainers also used by winery and juice plants".

    I really enjoy brewing small batches using this technique, especially when it's cold outside.

    5 Gallon Elastic Opening Paint Strainer Bags 6 Pieces - $9.95 + Free Shipping

    Pinned: *SS Tech Conical *Rhizomes *8 Gal Kettle *Vac Sealer *$99.99: Grain Mill

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    Eva-dry E-500 for Kegerator Condensation - Review
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    Victory Summer Love Ale is back for fourth year

    BeerNews.org - Mon, 04/14/2014 - 18:58

    Press Release: 

    Kiss Winter Good-bye and Toast to the Season of Summer Love Ale
    Back by popular demand, Victory Brewing Company welcomes the return of Philadelphia’s favorite summer brew: Summer Love Ale

    (Downingtown, PA) – Philadelphia area based Victory Brewing Company’s® (Victory) highly sought after seasonal brew, Summer Love Ale®, now in its fourth year, is back by popular demand. In this season of nostalgic pursuits and patriotism throughout the country, this brew is dedicated to where our nation and Victory’s roots began, representing the freshness, fun and great summer memories everywhere summer is celebrated, but especially in our City of Brotherly Love.

    “In 2010, Visit Philadelphia, Philadelphia’s leisure tourism marketing organization, commissioned us to capture the essence of Philadelphia, and now Summer Love is one of our most anticipated, popular brews for a very good reason,” said Victory’s President and Brewmaster, Bill Covaleski. “Its golden color and refreshing taste bottles the spirit and fun of the season so many of us associate with our favorite memories—BBQs, baseball, fireworks, when summer lasted forever.”

    Summer Love Ale, at 5.2% alcohol by volume, promises the sublime, earthy familiarity of noble European hops backed by fresh, clean German malts, and a surprising burst of lemony refreshment from fistfuls of American whole flower hops at its finish.

    Victory’s commitment to this great brew and the city it represents doesn’t stop with the liquid. For the third straight year, Victory will host the Find Your Summer Love sweepstakes. This year, partnering with Visit Philadelphia, the sweepstakeswill offer fans the chance to Taste Victory’s Summer Love Ale and celebrate Fourth of July in Philadelphia.

    “What better place to see fireworks, drink great beer and celebrate the summer than in the city that throws the biggest party for our nation’s birthday!” Covaleski continued. “We’re thrilled to work with Visit Philadelphia to offer fans a chance to ‘find their summer love’ where we found ours.”

    Fans can enter to win this prize package, which is valued at $1,450 and includes airfare for two, two nights stay at Hotel Monaco and more, and read the official sweepstakes rules at www.victorybeer.com/fysl.

    Summer Love Ale will be available through the end of August, much like those dog days of summer. You can find your “Summer Love” in many major grocery stores, including most Whole Foods Markets and Wegmans locations along the East Coast, bottle shops and beer distributors, as well as many craft beer bars throughout the country. Use Victory’s Beerfinder to locate Summer Love Ale near you.

    About Victory Brewing Company
    Victory Brewing Company is a privately held craft brewery headquartered in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. Begun by Bill Covaleski and Ron Barchet, childhood friends who met on a school bus in 1973, the brewery formally began operations in February of 1996. Victory, Pennsylvania’s widely acclaimed brewery and restaurant, now serves fans of fully flavored beers in 34 states with innovative beers melding European ingredients and technology with American creativity. To learn moreabout Victory Brewing Company visit us on the web at www.victorybeer.com.

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    Stone Saison six-packs, draft available beginning Monday

    BeerNews.org - Mon, 04/14/2014 - 18:09

    Press Release: 

    (Escondido, CA) – Stone Brewing Co. is fond of adding its own twists to classic beer styles. So it should be no surprise the brewery took liberties to make the newest beer release 100 percent Stone, while still maintaining the integrity of a very traditional beer. Stone Saison is a farmhouse-style ale infused with lemon zest, grains of paradise and Stone Farms-grown lemon thyme and lavender. It’s the quintessential choice for warm weather imbibing, and an ideal pairing partner for dishes and ingredients available during the spring and summer months. Starting today, Stone Saison is available on draft and in 12-ounce six-packs at retailers, restaurants and bars in select markets nationwide.

    Sourced from Stone’s very own 19-acre organic farm, the lemon thyme and lavender contribute earthy, citrusy aromas and flavors, while the lemon zest and grains of paradise add a slight tang along with vibrant grapefruit and white pepper notes. Each of the ingredients balance well with the subtle banana and clove qualities brought on by the Belgian yeast. The beer finishes with a crisp, dry and refreshing mix of red apple and black pepper spice.

    “When brainstorming recipe ideas for Stone Saison, we wanted to incorporate herbs from Stone Farms to add a touch of Southern California to the beer,” said Stone Brewmaster Mitch Steele. “The combination of herbs used certainly gives the beer a unique twist while still highlighting the style’s traditional spice and herbal notes.”

    The unique mix of flavor enhancing ingredients makes Stone Saison an ideal beer to pair with a variety of edibles. On the beer’s dedicated webpage: StoneBrewing.com/Saison, the company is sharing four recipes for culinary enthusiasts to prepare and enjoy with the beer. Fans of the brew are encouraged to try these recipes out at home, and also explore and create their own food dishes to pair with Stone Saison, then share their favorites by tweeting and posting photos using the hashtag #PairedWith on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and the dedicated beer page.

    “The combination of herbs and grains of paradise make the perfect complement to savory or sweet food dishes,” explains Stone Craft Beer Ambassador “Dr.” Bill Sysak. “Its versatility makes Stone Saison the perfect beer for pairing with any meal, from a simple dessert to decadent dinner. We’re excited to see what dishes our fans will pair with this beer and encourage them to share their findings with us.”

    Stone Saison will only be available during the spring and summer months. Since it is a refreshing Belgian-style ale, it’s meant to be enjoyed fresh within 120 days to maximize its hoppy, herbal flavors and aromas.

    Stone Saison Quick Facts
    Name: Stone Saison
    URL: www.stonebrewing.com/saison
    Stats: 6% ABV, 45 IBUs
    Availability: Limited 12-ounce bottles in six-packs and draft, beginning April 14
    Hops bill: Perle and Aramis
    Distribution: AK, AL, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DC, DE, FL, GA, IA, ID, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MA, MD, ME, MI, MN, MO, MT, NC, NE, NH, NJ, NM, NV, NY, OH, OR, PA, RI, SC, TN, TX, VA, VT and WA


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    New Braunfels Brewing to release all-Texas beer

    BeerNews.org - Mon, 04/14/2014 - 17:17

    Press Release: 

    (New Braunfels, TX) – On May 10, 2014, New Braunfels Brewing Company will release the first ever Texas beer.

    Yeah, you read that right. Up until now, all beer produced in Texas has been made from grains grown and malted OUTSIDE the boundaries of the Lone Star State. If we were talking wine, it would be federally illegal to label the beverage Texan.

    From TTB’s website:

    Whether mandatory or optional, an appellation of origin may be used on a wine label only if:

    With a viticultural area appellation of origin:
    1. The labeled area is an American viticultural area approved under U.S. regulations (specifically 27 CFR Part 9)
    2. Not less than 85% of the volume of the wine is derived from grapes grown in the labeled viticultural area
    The wine is fully finished (except for cellar treatment and/or blending which does not alter the class and type of the wine) in the state or one of the states where the viticultural area is located

    On Thursday, April 17, New Braunfels Brewing Company will brew their 5th Elemental beer, HimmelWeiss, for the first time. The beer will be made with 85% wheat grown in Hutto, TX and malted in Leander, TX. The wheat is malted by start-up, Blacklands Malt, out of Leander.

    “Sourcing local grains for our beer lineup has always been our plan for NBBCo.” Said owner and brewer Kelly Meyer. “I created all of our recipes from 85% wheat malt, a plan from the beginning to be able to create a federal ABA to protect the unique flavors and character of beer made from our TX malt.”

    HimmelWeiss is a wheat saison that is equal parts sweet and spicy. The character of the TX wheat malt will carry the body of the beer. Saaz hops will be used both in the boil and in the dry hop to add spicy bitterness and aroma. Lemongrass is added to give a smooth complexity. And, finally, our German yeast that ferments all of our beers will give a big ester profile at the higher fermentation temperature.

    “When I first mashed with this batch of Red Winter Wheat malt I was immediately surprised at how sweet the wort was. More surprising though was this very distinct earthy flavor that I have to say is a terroir you will only find in Texas wheat.” Remembers Brandon Ade, owner of Blacklands Malt. ”Looking back on the long road to getting to this point it astonishes me the amount of work it has taken to make malting local grains a reality. I believe it is an important step in connecting folks back to the land around them and it requires the dedicated support of brewers like NBBCo to drive this new venture forward.”

    The first taste of HimmelWeiss will be available at the New Braunfels Brewing Co Anniversary Party at the brewery May 10. Tickets are available at www.eventbrite.com and are limited to 300.

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    Starr Hill Whiter Shade of Pale Ale, World Beer Cup Gold Medal winner, coming May 1

    BeerNews.org - Mon, 04/14/2014 - 17:12

    Press Release: 

    Starr Hill Brewery Wins a Gold Medal at the 2014 World Beer Cup®

    (Charlottesvile, VA) – Starr Hill Brewery, one of the most award-winning craft breweries on the East Coast, won a gold award in the 2014 World Beer Cup®, a global beer competition that evaluates beers from around the world and recognizes the most outstanding brewers and their beers.

    Gold, silver and bronze awards in the competition’s 94 beer style categories were presented April 11, 2014, during the World Beer Cup® award ceremony in Denver, Colorado. Starr Hill’s Whiter Shade of Pale Ale beat out 55 other entries from all over the world to claim the gold medal in the American-Belgo Style Ale category. Whiter Shade of Pale marries two bold beer styles: the Belgian Wit and the India Pale Ale. The fruity and spicy esters derive from the Belgian yeast strain, while massive quantities of hops added during the dry hop give the beer significant complexity and an aroma of citrus and pine. A clean base beer of Pilsner and wheat give this beer a refreshing flavor, perfect for enjoying in warm and cold weather alike.

    “The passion to create great beers is strong at Starr Hill. This is our third World Beer Cup® award, and I’m very proud of our brewing team. We are honored and humbled to have won a gold medal in such a prestigious competition—the World Beer Cup® is considered the ‘Olympics of Beer Competition,’” said Mark Thompson, Starr Hill’s Master Brewer and Founder.

    World Beer Cup® winners were selected by an international panel of 219 beer judges from 31 countries, with an impressive field of 4,754 entries from 1,403 breweries in 58 countries.

    “We have a quality-driven, creative team, and this award recognizes everyone who made this beer possible. I was proud to represent our team at World Beer Cup®,” said Robbie O’Cain, Starr Hill’s Manager of Brewery Operations. “This is the second year we’ve made Whiter Shade of Pale Ale, and it was a huge hit, especially among Starr Hill employees. We have some exciting new All Access brands to release this year, and we just released a fantastic Belgian pale ale called Soul Shine. Starr Hill will always be about high-quality beer.”

    Whiter Shade of Pale is currently on tap in the newly renovated Starr Hill Tasting Room and will available on draft and in 22 oz. bottles for a limited time beginning May 1 as part of Starr Hill’s All Access series.

    Starr Hill Brewery was founded in 1999 by Mark Thompson and Kristin Dolan in Charlottesville, Virginia. Starr Hill is one of the most award-winning craft breweries on the East Coast, having won 21 medals from Great American Beer Festival, World Beer Cup and Great British Beer Festival since its founding. The beer is distributed in ten states, including Virginia, Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Washington D.C.

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    1/2" NPT Stainless, Full Port Ball Valves - $7.99 + Shipping

    Homebrew Finds - Mon, 04/14/2014 - 11:27

    Full port 1/2" NPT, full port, stainless steel ball valve for $7.99.  The first one ships for $4.26.  Each additional ball valve ships for just 67 cents.

    1/2" NPT Stainless Steel Ball Valve Full Port WOG1000 SS304 - $7.99

    Pinned: *SS Tech Conical *Label Peelers Sale *8 Gal Kettle *Vac Sealer *$99.99: Grain Mill

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    Cereal Killer Grain Mill - $99.99 Shipped
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    Reader Tip: 30L German Made Speidel Fermenters Back in Stock

    Homebrew Finds - Mon, 04/14/2014 - 11:16
    Three days ago I received two reader tips (thanks Christian and Jeff!) tipping me off to the fact that 30L/7.9 Gallon Speidels were back in stock.  Within a few hours, before I could get a post up, they were sold out again.  I noticed they are freshly back in stock.  Check out the full line of Speidel Fermenters.  All sizes are in stock as of this posting.

    I have two Speidel Fermenters.  The 5.3 gallon and the 7.9 gallon (first looks post).  I've used the 5.3 for quite a while for small batches.  I'm very happy with the quality and function of this fermenter.

    Some Benefits of Speidel Fermentation TanksHigh quality, German manufactured., Made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Heavy duty and much thicker than traditional plastic carboys, Oversized top opening makes for easy cleaning, Integrated spigot, All connections have o-rings to insure you have no liquid or gas leaks, Integrated handles for easily moving these around, Unlike traditional carboys, these will not shatter, High density construction is highly resistant to oxygen ingress, making these suitable for longer term (up to 12 month) use,Up to 31.7 gallons

    Check out More Beer's Full Lineup of Speidel Fermenters.  All ship for free with a $59 order.

    Also Consider: More Beer's Sale and Clearance Items

    Pinned: *SS Tech Conical *Label Peelers Sale *8 Gal Kettle *Vac Sealer *$99.99: Grain Mill

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